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The Pharmacology department brings together 5 sectors of activity: clinical pharmacology , biological pharmacology , pharmacovigilance , addictovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology and analysis of health data.

The Pharmacology department brings together 5 sectors of activity: clinical pharmacology , biological pharmacology , pharmacovigilance , addictovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology and analysis of health data.

  • Consulting

    Cardiac adverse effects associated with anti-cancer drugs (cardio-onco-pharmacology)

    Professor Joachim Alexandre, Dr Charles Dolladille, Dr Damien Legallois, Dr Anne Flore Plane, Dr Angélique Da Silva
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      These 5 sectors have distinct missions but common objectives which are as follows:

      • evaluation and monitoring of drug efficacy and safety (benefit/risk balance of drug prescription)
      • drug information
      • drug research and development
      • the teaching of medical pharmacology and the proper use of medication
      Clinical pharmacology

      PICARO care line: prevention and management of adverse cardiac effects associated with drugs prescribed in oncology:

      • Specialized cardio-onco-pharmacology consultations
      • CPR PICARO
      • PICARO regional care pathway project
      • Mainly intended for medical oncologists or organ specialists competent in oncology

      Contact: 02 31 06 46 70   Email

      Clinical research activity :

      • in progress: 2 PHRC -N, 1 PHRC -I, 1 APRI 1
      • Bioserenity-CHU Caen collaboration
      • Attachment to the Clinical Research Center (Pr Alexandre: deputy coordinator)
      Biological and Forensic Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit (laboratory)

      Research and dosage of drugs and narcotics:

      • Pharmacological Therapeutic Monitoring
      • Dosage Adjustment (Toxicity/Efficacy)
      • Compliance monitoring
      • Pharmacogenetics (personalized therapy and dosage adjustment)
      • Clinical toxicology
      • Research, identification, quantification of drugs and narcotics involved in drug poisoning (accidental or voluntary administration)
      • Forensic Toxicology Email
      • Dosage of narcotics and road alcohol on blood and saliva
      • Investigation of cause of death
      • Clinical research protocol
      • Dosage of drugs in the context of clinical research activities
      Caen Normandy Regional Pharmacovigilance Center
      • Collection and analysis of adverse reaction reports (MA, misuse, medication errors, occupational exposure, abuse – excluding psychoactive substances, etc.).
        • Transmission of cases to national ( ANSM ) and European (EMA) authorities.
        • Management of drug iatrogenic alerts
        • New effects, serious effects, drug interactions, abnormally high frequency of occurrence...
      • Responses to inquiries 
        • Information on the risks associated with drugs and their proper use
        • Overdose, pregnancy, child, elderly, drug combinations...
      • Information and training of health professionals
      • Expertise, advice and investigation with ANSM and ARS
      • Contribution to scientific progress → publications

      Declaration via the Ministry of Health portal Ministry portal
      Contact: 02 31 06 46 72

      Pharmacovigilance bulletins below













      VIGIKING-2018-07-08 VF

      VIGIKING-2018-05-06 VF



      Vigiking 2023-06


      Vigiking 2024-01

      Addictovigilance – Center for Assessment and Information on Pharmacodependence Bretagne-Normandie ( CEIP-A )

      Evaluation of the drug dependence potential of psychoactive substances, medicated or not

      • Collection, analysis, documentation of clinical cases of drug dependence: abuse, misuse, withdrawal syndromes and health complications
      • Collection and analysis of falsified prescriptions as well as various other signals in the field of drug addiction and substance dependence
      • Responses to inquiries 
      • Information and training of health professionals on drug dependence and the abuse of psychoactive substances in the inter-region
      • Expertise, advice and investigation with ANSM and ARS
      • Contribution to scientific progress → publications

      Contact : 02 31 06 44 60

      Pharmaco-epidemiology and analysis of health data

      Sector specialized in:

        • Identification and characterization of adverse drug reactions in the population
        • Structuring and analysis of massive health data
      • Collaboration with many disciplines (sustained scientific publication activity)
        • Recent posts below
      • Development of new health data analysis tools
      • Participation in several CHU activities related to the development of artificial intelligence:
        • AI steering committee – health data warehouse at Caen University Hospital
        • Proof of concept project on cancer immunotherapy in connection with the health data warehouse
        • Integrative Artificial Intelligence development on project
        • Methodological COTECH of Caen Normandy University Hospital

      Useful documents

      Reporting poster

      Reporting poster

      Declare an adverse effect or addiction
      AddictoVigilance Center

      AddictoVigilance Center

      How and what to report to your AddictoVigilance center
      Vigiking Normand

      Vigiking Normand

      January 2024
      • Platforms

      • Research & teaching

        Attachments to research teams

        The members of the Pharmacology Department are currently attached to 2 research teams of the UFR Santé of the University of Caen-Normandy:

        • INSERM U1086 ANTICIPE team (Dir. Pr G Launoy)
        • INSERM U1075 COMÈTE team (Dir. Pr T Freret)

        Main themes

        The main themes of the Department's teacher-researchers are linked to 2 of the HCERES axes of the CHU, namely the Cancerology axis and the Heart-Brain axis.

        Topic “drugs and cancers”:

        • Cardio-oncology (J. Alexandre)
        • Immuno-oncology (C. Dolladille)

        Theme "Medicines, cognition and aging, consequences on mobility" (V. Lelong-Boulouard) with the development of a theme "Elderly subjects (mobility, cognition) and anti-cancer"

        Scientific activities

        All members of the Pharmacology Department participate in scientific publication activities by promoting the activities, tools and know-how of the department: analysis of health databases and research in pharmacoepidemiology, and translational approach ranging from pharmacology experimental to clinical pharmacology.

        Funded projects

        • PHRC ALDOCURE (J Alexandre) 850 k€ (85 inclusions at Caen University Hospital, 210 throughout France)
        • PHRC national SPONSOR (J Alexandre) 1000 k€
        • Inter-regional PHRC
        • IRAF financing Biotronik 160 k€
        • APRI, other tenders…


        Academic teaching : approximately 210 hours of lessons

        • UFR Health (minor health, Medicine, Pharmacy)
        • School of maieutics
        • Others ( IDE , IADE , IBODE , UFR Pharmacy, IBFA, etc.)
        • Training of interns in specialized medicine, general medicine, biology, hospital pharmacy (DES and FST in medical and therapeutic pharmacology) and externs in pharmacy and medicine

        A pharmacovigilance study in VigiBase®

        Haematologic malignancies associated with clozapine v. all other antipsychotic agents: a pharmacovigilance study in VigiBase®

        JAMA Oncol 2020

        Immune checkpoint inhibitor rechallenge after immune-related adverse events in patients Witt cancer

        Lancet Hematology 2021

        Myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukaemia in patients treated with PARP inhibitors: a safety meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and a retrospective study of the WHO pharmacovigilance database
        • The latest news related to the service…

        Medical biology laboratory

        Medical biology laboratory

        The directory of medical biology analyzes of the CHU Caen Normandie is available here.

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