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Rates and online payment

Rates and online payment

Consult the prices of the CHU Caen Normandie and make your payments online.


Without presentation of your supporting documents*, you will be charged the full cost of outpatient care or hospitalization.

*Official identity document (family booklet for minor patients who do not have an official identity document), vital and mutual insurance cards (or CMUC certificate), and any other document that may justify special care ( ALD certificate, disability, etc.)


The rates are defined by the Health Insurance. They can be consulted on the website.

Consultations for travelers and vaccinations : these services are not reimbursed by the Compulsory
Health in patients. The rates can be consulted in the vaccination service.

Liberal activity: your choice

Some CHU doctors are authorized to exercise a liberal activity within the hospital.

The prices are displayed in the waiting rooms in the care services. For any fees over €70, a written estimate is mandatory.

Sectorized hospitalization

Daily rate / major person
+ 18 years old
Complete hospitalization

934,16 €

crisis center

1 154,47 €

Partial hospitalization

602,59 €

Sectorized hospitalization

Daily rate / minor
– 18 years old
Complete hospitalization

1 064 €

crisis center

1 314,93 €

Partial hospitalization

876,09 €

MCO hospitalization

Full-time · common scheme · MCO

Daily rate

Geriatric medicine, addictology, chronic outpatient pain

1 141,04 €

Geriatric medicine, addictology, chronic pain conventional hospitalization

1 430,29 €

Other outpatient medicine

1 352,88 €

Medicine other conventional hospitalization

1 503,94 €

Intermediate Medicine-GHS

676,44 €

Conventional hospitalization surgery

1 820,55 €

Ambulatory surgery

1 456,82 €

Expensive specialties

2 526,33 €

Very expensive specialties Sheave

3 272,72 €

Obstetrics conventional hospitalization

1 494,56 €

Ambulatory obstetrics

1 340,97 €

Newborn conventional hospitalization

1 017,30 €


& travel

Flat rate

Chemotherapy session

1 479,36 €

High precision radio sessions
Stereotaxy, total body irradiation, other special techniques, IMRT

1 139,59 €

Dialysis session

1 304,05 €

Other sessions

1 383,04 €

HA activity

446,44 €

Screening for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
208,84 €
SMUR : ½ hour of land transport
776,24 €
Air travel minute
Transport medicalization only
64,92 €
MCO daily pass
20 €

Psychiatry daily package

Order of December 21, 2017
15 €

In the event of carrying out an exonerating act greater than €120 during the stay, a fixed contribution of €24 replaces the co-payment based on the daily price (decree no. 2011-201 of February 21, 2011) .

Hotel services

In the event of hospitalization, these benefits are payable by you. They can be covered by your mutual insurance company (according to contract).


Single bedroom

  • €54/day of hospitalization
  • €20/day for outpatient surgery
  • 52 €/day in SMR

hospitable hotel

If eligible as part of the care pathway at the CHU de Caen Normandie. Coverage by your mutual insurance company is possible, depending on the guarantees taken out in your contract.

20 € / night

Accompanying services

The people accompanying you can benefit from the services below provided by the CHU Caen Normandie. The hospitalization service will be able to advise you.
  • Meal (lunch or dinner) : €9.81
  • Bed + breakfast overnight package: €18
  • Breakfast only: €3.27

Telephone, television, Internet

These services are offered for a fee by the company HoistGroup (reception hall of the south building)
. An information sheet is available in your room .

Means of payment

Online payment
Heel Payment

The CHU Caen Normandie provides you with an online payment service allowing you to pay via a secure service developed by the General Directorate of Public Finances and available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

The address is then mentioned on the payment stub of your opinion as shown in the illustration opposite.

Payment by bank or postal transfer

The transfer will be made out to the order of the Public Treasury and will necessarily mention in the corresponding area the references of your opinion (upper top right corner) and the following banking information:

  • Bank : Bank of France (BDF) Caen
  • Bank details : 30001 00244 C141 0000000 59
  • IBAN (for international use): FR79 3000 1002 44C1 4100 0000 059
Payment by credit card or in cash at the Public Treasury counter

Go directly to the Public Treasury counter with your invoice:

Public Finance Center Caen Treasury CHU
145 rue de la Délivrande CS90087
14097 CAEN cedex 9
02 31 47 11 11

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1:15 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Information, complaints

  • you would like information on the statement or the charge to you of the sums due,
  • you believe that a mistake has been made,
  • you wish to make an amicable complaint or dispute*…

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

for consultations
and outpatient care


    * Please note that this dispute does not suspend the time limit for referral to the court if it has already been seized.