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CHU Caen Normandy


Welcome to the land of acronyms!

  • ABC

    Home Biological Common

  • ABTE

    Foods Bioprocesses Toxicology Environments

  • PCA

    Pathological Anatomy & Cytology

  • DNA

    Deoxyribonucleic acid


    Certificate of Training in Emergency Gestures and Care

  • AIES

    Health Education Information Action

  • ANSM

    National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products

  • ABS

    Adapted Physical Activity

  • APAS

    Adapted Physical Activity and Health

  • BOW

    Clinical Research Associate

  • ARE

    Anesthesiologist Resuscitator

  • RMA

    Medical Regulation Assistant

  • ARS

    Regional Health Agency

  • stroke


  • BB@C

    Blood and Brain @ Caen Normandy

  • CAMP

    Medico-Psychological Reception Center


    Part-Time Therapeutic Reception Center

  • CBSB

    Chemistry and Biology applied to Health and Well-being

  • CCMR

    Rare Disease Competence Center

  • CDC

    Competence Center

  • CDOS

    Diagnosis and Orientation Center for Deafness

  • CDR

    Reference Center

  • UDC

    Users' Commission

  • EEC

    External Electric Shocks


    Training Center for Medical Regulation Assistants

  • CEIP-A

    Center for Assessment and Information on Pharmacodependence and Addictovigilance

  • CEP

    Parkinson Expert Center

  • CERM

    Center for Studies and Research on Medicines of Normandy

  • CESU

    Emergency Care Education Center

  • CETD

    Pain Assessment and Treatment Center


    Training Center for Health and Social Professions Apprentices

  • CFTR

    Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator


    Hospital Coordination of Organ and Tissue Harvesting

  • CME

    Institutional Medical Commission

  • CMF

    Maxillofacial surgery

  • CMRR

    Resource and Research Memory Center

  • CN2R

    National Center for Resources and Resilience

  • CNR

    National Reference Center

  • CNRS

    National Center for Scientific Research


    Biological Collection Addictive and Mental Illnesses

  • SOC

    Specialized Obstetric Consultations



  • covid

    corona virus disease


    Multidisciplinary Center for Prenatal Diagnosis

  • CPP

    Committee for the Protection of Persons

  • CRB

    Biological Resource Center


    Biomedical and Public Health Research Committee

  • CRCM

    Resource and Competence Centers for Cystic Fibrosis

  • CRDN

    Regional Neonatal Screening Center

  • CRDN

    Regional Neonatal Screening Center


    Emergency Claims and Complaints Unit

  • CREX

    Feedback Committee


    Research and Innovation Commission

  • CRMR

    Reference Center for Rare Diseases

  • CRMW

    Willebrand Disease Reference Center

  • CRPN

    Normandy Regional Psychotrauma Center


    Regional Center for Occupational and Environmental Pathologies

  • CRPV

    Regional PharmacoVigilance Center

  • CRRA

    Call Reception and Settlement Center

  • CRTH

    Center for the Treatment of Hemorrhagic Diseases


    Reference Center for Language and Learning Disorders


    Addictology Care and Support Center

  • CSE

    Establishment Social Committee


    Nursing, Rehabilitation and Medical-Technical Care Commission

  • CSO

    Specialized Obesity Center

  • CUMP

    Medical-Psychological Emergency Cells

  • CUMR

    University Center for Kidney Diseases

  • DAC

    Coordination Support Mechanism

  • DAGJ

    Department of General and Legal Affairs

  • DAI

    Department of Infectious Agents


    Waste from Health Care Activities with Infectious Risks

  • DGOS

    Directorate General for the Offer of Care

  • IUD

    Inter-University Diploma


    Regional Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity

  • DRI

    Research and Innovation Department

  • DVMO

    Voluntary Bone Marrow Donors

  • APS

    Teachers in Adapted Physical Activity

  • ECTS

    European Credits Transfer System

  • DHS

    Health Data Warehouse

  • EEG


  • DFS

    French Blood Establishment


    Residential establishment for dependent elderly people


    Mobile Pain and Palliative Care Team

  • EMG


  • EMSI

    Mobile Intensive Care Team

  • EOH

    Operational Hygiene Team

  • PPE

    Assessment of Professional Practices

  • EPSM

    Public Mental Health Institution

  • EPSM

    Public Mental Health Institution

  • EPST

    Scientific and Technological Public Establishments

  • EREN

    Space for Ethical Reflection in Normandy


    Regional Pediatric Palliative Care Resource Team

  • FEH

    Woman Child Hematology

  • FeNoMIH

    Normande Interhospital Federation Microbiology Infectiology Hygiene


    European Federation of Hand Emergency Services

  • FHU

    University Hospital Federation


    Rare Diseases Health Sector dedicated to ALS

  • online

    Open Distance Learning

  • GEC

    Clinical Ethics Group

  • GHT

    Territory Hospital Group


    Interregional Group for Clinical Research and Innovation


    Interregional Group for Clinical Research and Innovation North-West

  • GIS

    Scientific interest group

  • GOCE

    Childhood Cancer

  • GRAM

    Microbial Adaptation Research Group


    Research Group in Adapted Physical Activities and Health

  • HAD

    Home Hospitalization

  • HAS

    High Authority of Health

  • HC

    Full Hospitalization

  • HDJ

    Day hospital

  • HDS

    Week Hospital

  • HGEN


  • HLA

    Human Leukocyte

  • HPDD

    Scheduled Fixed-Term Hospitalization

  • HPLC 

    High Performance Liquid Chromatography

  • HPV

    Human papillomavirus infections

  • PAH

    Pulmonary arterial hypertension

  • HTLV

    Human T-cell lymphoma virus

  • AI

    Artificial intelligence

  • IADE

    State Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist


    State Certified Operating Room Nurse

  • CI

    Heart failure

  • IDE

    State Registered Nurse

  • CEDI

    Nurse DE Coordination

  • IFA

    Paramedic Training Institute

  • IFAS

    Training Institute for Caregivers

  • IFCS

    Institute for the Training of Health Managers


    Training Institute for Medical Electroradiology Technicians

  • IFSI

    Nursing Training Institute

  • IUI

    Intra Uterine Insemination

  • BMI

    Body mass index

  • IML

    Forensic Institute

  • INCa

    National Cancer Institute

  • InVS

    National Institute for Health Monitoring

  • AIO

    Osteo-Articular infection

  • IPA

    Advanced Practice Nurse

  • MRI

    Magnetic resonance imaging

  • ITBS

    Territorial Institute of Health Biology

  • UR

    University Institute of the Spine

  • Abortion


  • the ARS

    the Regional Health Agency

  • HOE

    Operational Hygiene Team


    License with Health Access option

  • lba

    bronchoalveolar fluid

  • LBM

    Medical Biology Laboratory

  • LBMR

    Reference Medical Biology Laboratory

  • ldp

    peritoneal dialysis fluid

  • LPA

    Logistics Pharmacy Administration

  • M3C

    Complex Congenital Heart Malformations

  • MAP

    Threat of Premature Birth

  • MBAI

    Bullous Autoimmune Diseases

  • MCAD

    Medium-Chain-Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase


    Rare Constitutional Diseases of the Red Blood Cell and Erythropoiesis

  • MCO

    Medicine Surgery Obstetrics

  • SAME

    Medical Electroradiology Technicians

  • MERM

    Technician in Medical Electro-Radiology

  • MHC

    Constitutional Hemorrhagic Diseases

  • MIR

    Intensive Medicine & Resuscitation

  • MOeS

    Management of Health Organizations

  • RPM

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • MSD

    Meso Scale Discovery

  • MSMS

    Tandem Mass Spectrometry

  • MSS

    Sport-Health House

  • NPAD

    Home Parenteral Nutrition

  • NPAD

    Home Parenteral Nutrition


    French Observatory of Multiple Sclerosis

  • WHO

    World Health Organization

  • OPCO

    Skill Operators

  • ENT


  • PASS

    Permanences of Access to Health Care

  • PBS

    Phosphate Buffer Saline

  • PCI

    Infection Prevention & Control

  • PCR

    Polymerase Chain

  • dp

    protected distal sampling

  • PE

    Evoked Potentials

  • PEMR

    Rare Diseases Expertise Platform

  • PFRS

    Health Training and Research Center

  • PHRC

    Clinical Research Hospital Program


    Hospital Nursing and Paramedical Research Program

  • LDCs

    Assisted reproduction

  • people with reduced mobility

    Someone with reduced mobility

  • PNDS

    National Protocols for Diagnosis and Care

  • PNNS

    National Health Nutrition Plan

  • PUI

    Indoor Pharmacy

  • PURR

    Emergency and Rapid Response Platform

  • RAAC

    Improved Recovery After Surgery

  • IUGR

    Intrauterine Growth Retardation

  • CPR

    Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting

  • RMM

    Mortality and Morbidity Review

  • UAS

    Urgent Medical Aid Service

  • UAA

    Emergency Reception Service

  • SCAD

    Clinical follow-up at home

  • SEP

    Multiple Sclerosis


    Federative structure of cyto-MOlecular oncogenetics of the University Hospital of CAEn

  • SFCE

    French Childhood Cancer Society

  • SFCP

    French Society of Pediatric Surgery

  • SGUM

    Genito-Urinary Syndrome of Menopause


    Hospital-University Emergency Medicine Service


    Scientific Publications Query, Management and Analysis System

  • ALS

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • SMR

    Medical and Rehabilitation Care

  • SMUR

    Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service


    Home Nursing Services

  • SSR

    Aftercare and Rehabilitation


    University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion

  • TAVI

    Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
    Percutaneous aortic valve implantation

  • TCA

    Eating Disorders

  • TCBN

    Caen lower Normandy tumor library

  • TCC

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

  • TEC

    Laboratory technician

  • TENS

    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

  • THMs

    Hormone Treatment for Menopause

  • ToxEMAC

    Environmental Toxicology, Airborne Environments and Cancers

  • TRL

    Technology Readiness Level
    Technology readiness level

  • PTSD

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • UBRC

    Biostatistics and Clinical Research Unit

  • UCA

    Ambulatory Surgery Unit

  • UDM

    Medical Dialysis Unit

  • UFR

    Training and Research Unit

  • UGO

    Gynecology-Obstetrics Emergencies

  • WBU

    Ambulatory Medicine Unit

  • UMJ

    Medico-Judicial Unit

  • UMPU

    Post Emergency Medical Unit

  • UMR

    Medical Research Unit

  • A G

    General Neurology Unit

  • A V

    Neuro-Vascular Unit

  • RCU

    Clinical Research Unit

  • USC

    Continuing Care Unit

  • USI

    Intensive Care Unit

  • USLD

    Long Term Care Unit

  • UTAC

    Inpatient unit for disconcerting patient

  • UTIC

    Heart Failure Treatment Unit

  • UTNC

    Transversal Unit of Clinical Nutrition

  • HIV

    Human immunodeficiency virus

  • RSV

    Respiratory Syncytial Virus