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University hospital emergency medicine

University hospital emergency medicine

University hospital emergency medicine

The emergency department welcomes 24 hours a day, without distinction, any patient who presents spontaneously to the emergency room or after regulation by SAMU · Center 15. The medical and paramedical team provides reception, observation, care and monitoring of the patient until referral.

The emergency department welcomes 24 hours a day, without distinction, any patient who presents spontaneously to the emergency room or after regulation by SAMU · Center 15. The medical and paramedical team provides reception, observation, care and monitoring of the patient until referral.

  • Composition of service

    • 1 PUPH service coordinator
    • 1 Senior Health Executive
    • 1 administrative referent
    • 1 PH responsible for the UF ERGENCES-UHCD
    • 1 PH responsible for the UF SAMU
    • 48 senior emergency doctors (31 FTE)
    • 3 Heads of Clinic-Assistant Hospitals
    • 6 junior doctors
    • 4 health executives
    • 3 medical secretaries
    Team detail
  • Emergency reception service ( SAU )

    Your welcome

    On your arrival, in order to compile your file, please present your identity card , your vital card and your mutual insurance card , the E111 forms for foreigners.

    Your order of passage


    The order of arrival is only taken into account for emergencies of similar severity. Your waiting time is therefore a function of:

    • The level of urgency of your pathology,
    • the number of patients,
    • The arrival or not of other patients in a more serious situation,
    • The availability of the appropriate emergency sector.
    Your contacts
    • Emergency doctor,
    • Consultant,
    • Medical student (external or internal) ,
    • Reception and Orientation Nurse,
    • State-certified nurse,
    • Caregiver.
    • stretcher-bearer
    Your companions

    Accompanying persons are not admitted to the care sector, except with the exceptional authorization of the doctor or nurse. Civil service agents, identifiable by their “blue vest”, are present to ensure the link and communication between patients, caregivers and accompanying persons.

    Your loved ones will, with your agreement, be informed of your state of health and the length of the wait. They can wait in the waiting room or leave and take news by telephone.

    Your experience
    1 Reception area

    st collection of your medical data by the reception and orientation nurse Assessment of the degree of urgency
    Performing 1 st aid
    Assessment of pain and relief
    Placement of a bracelet on the wrist 'identification

    2 Guidance

    To the most suitable sector
    Pedestrian sector
    Extended sector
    Reception sector for vital emergencies

    3 At the end of treatment

    The doctor will inform you of your orientation
    Return home (after delivery of medical and administrative documents)
    Transfer to another establishment

    Why are you waiting?

    The waiting time in the emergency room can depend on:

    • The duration of the clinical examination,
    • The time required to obtain additional examinations,
    • The need for an opinion by another specialist,
    • Waiting for a hospital bed.

    These deadlines are unfortunately incompressible.
    The healthcare professionals at CHU Caen Normandie are doing everything they can to reduce them.

  • SAMU SMUR Center 15

    • ensure permanent medical attention,
    • determine and trigger as quickly as possible the optimal response to the nature of the call,
    • organize the transport of the patient to the reception unit best suited to his condition,
    • participate in research activities in the field of prehospital medicine.

    The activity of the service is distributed as follows:

    1. Call regulation ( CRRA ),
    2. Pre-hospital medicine activity ( SMUR ) ,
    3. Secondary transport of patients to the emergency care units of the CHU ( Cardiology , Neurosurgery , and Cardio-Vascular Surgery , Medical and Surgical Resuscitation ) ,
    4. Medical cover for exceptional events (e.g. 60th anniversary of D-Day) ,
    5. Emergency Care Education Center ( CESU ) .


  • Teaching and Research


    The CESU (Emergency Care Teaching Center) is a functional unit of the SAMU of Caen Normandy University Hospital.

    The CESU trains staff working in health establishments in emergency procedures and care , initial training in paramedical or medical schools and continuing education for different social-professional categories working in health establishments, crèches, retirement homes, medicine of the work,…

    Clinical research

    Our emergency medicine service, including emergencies and SAMU , is strongly engaged in clinical research, with the aim of making significant advances in the field of emergency medicine and contributing to the improvement of the care provided to our patients.

    Research Objectives

    Our team is actively involved in studies aimed at:

    • Identify new approaches to optimize emergency treatment protocols, particularly in neurovascular emergencies.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of current practices and explore new methodologies for better patient care.
    • Contribute to the understanding of medical emergencies and the prevention of serious illnesses.

    Collaborative Partnerships

    We collaborate closely locally, regionally and nationally with research units, universities and other medical services to share knowledge, conduct clinical trials and adopt best practices to constantly improve our services.

    Our academics are affiliated with local research units/entities:

    and participate in French research networks ( FHU IMPEC, IMPEC French Research Network ) and have national mandates within the French Society of Emergency Medicine.

  • The latest news related to the service…

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University hospital emergency medicine

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University hospital emergency medicine
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