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Biomedical and Public Health Research Committee

The Biomedical and Public Health Research Committee is a structure for strategic reflection on research and which coordinates its activities between the partner structures.

The CRBSP is consulted by:

  • The management of CHU Caen Normandy
  • The management of Caen Normandy University
  • Public Scientific and Technological Establishments ( EPST )

  • Crew

  • Activities


    of the CRBSP is to reflect on and/or issue an opinion on files concerning:

    • modifications and renewal of the agreement establishing hospital-university collaboration ;
    • association agreements relating to partnerships for research missions;
    • the research policy , as it results from the CHU Caen Normandie establishment project, of the health establishments associated with the CHU's missions within the framework of hospital-university collaboration agreements;
    • the section relating to teaching, research and innovation of the multi-annual contract of objectives and resources of the CHUs and each of the health establishments within the framework of hospital-university collaboration agreements;
    • the provisions relating to biomedical and public health research in the multi-year establishment contract of public scientific, cultural and professional establishments;
    • the research project for the activity centers of public health establishments;
    • the participation of CHU Caen Normandie in cooperation structures .

    The CRBSP began its activities in March 2009 and meets at least 4 times a year.

  • Composition

    12 members

    The Biomedical and Public Health Research Committee includes 12 qualified members in the field of research designated as follows:

    • 4 representatives of CHU Caen Normandie, jointly appointed by the Director General and the President of the Establishment Medical Commission after consultation with the Management Board and the Establishment Medical Commission,
    • 4 representatives of the University, jointly appointed by its President and the Directors of the training and research units in medicine, pharmacy and odontology (if applicable) ,
    • 4 representatives of research organizations associated with CHU missions within the framework of partnership agreements for research missions, i.e. INSERM , CNRS and CEA, appointed by the President of INSERM after consultation with their respective directors,
    • Permanent guests representing the management of CHU Caen Normandie, the Scientific Council of CHU Caen Normandie, the University of Caen Normandy, the François Baclesse Center and INSERM .

    As needed, research platform managers ( CYCERON , ICORE, etc.), research team directors, local authorities, government departments may also be invited.

    President: Pr Olivier Join-Lambert
    Vice-President: Pr Carine Ali

    Representatives of CHU Caen Normandy
    Representatives of Caen Normandy University
    Representatives of associated research organizations