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Research platform

In order to stimulate clinical and translational research in Health, the CHU Caen Normandie, has created within the new Biology Research Building a Research area of ​​more than 600 m² where various research laboratories specializing in Health on the Caen site will now be located.

This research area will be ideally located near the various platforms of the Medical Biology Laboratory and the CHU Research and Innovation Department. It will facilitate interactions between researchers and clinicians, stimulate transdisciplinary exchanges and welcome students and researchers in premises dedicated to research and innovation.

  • Reflecting the reflection carried out by the CRBSP of the Caen-Normandy University Hospital, its three strategic research areas will be represented there.

    For the Heart-Brain axis

    The BB@C is a GIS , founded by Inserm, the University of Caen Normandy and the CHU Caen Normandy, which brings together fundamental researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs with a common objective of improving human health in neurology.

    BB@C creates the tools for research excellence in Normandy, visible and attractive.

    For the Cancerology axis

    The future team “oncoCARE: Oncogenesis, Biomarkers and therapeutic targets of solid CAnceRs and malignant haemopathies”, a team which will be attached to the ISTCT Unit (Imaging and Therapeutic Strategies for Cancers and Cerebral Tissues_UMR6030) and the ANTICIPE Unit . OncoCARE brings together researchers and clinicians from the University Hospital of Caen whose concerns are the dissection of the mechanisms of malignant transformation, the search for biomarkers and new therapeutic targets with a view to always improving the management of patients with solid tumors. (lung cancer, kidney cancer, gliomas) or a hematological malignancy (lymphoma, mastocytosis and hypereosinophilia) .

    For the emerging Infectious axis

    UMR 1311 INSERM DYNAMICURE (Microbial Dynamics associated with Urinary and Respiratory Infections ) . The DYNAMICURE unit research unit focused on the evolutionary dynamics of urinary and respiratory microbial agents (bacteria and viruses) , including their interactions with microbiomes, phenomena of persistence and emergence (epidemics, resistance to antimicrobials) .

  • Three transverse structures in support of these axes

    A university platform

    VIRTUAL'HIS university platform specializing in the search for tissue biomarkers (specific proteins or nucleic acid) and the numerical quantitative analysis of biological samples.

    InnovaSEQ: High-throughput cell sorting and sequencing platform

    InnovaSEQ · Cell sorting and NGS @ Caen-Normandie platform is an innovative non-thematic technological platform accessible to the entire scientific community. It offers equipment and services for flow cytometry, cell sorting and high throughput sequencing in the context of research projects.

    The platform provides equipment after training and user authorization and offers support in all stages of scientific projects in high-throughput functional genomics in the form of research collaborations and/or services.

    A shared space

    A shared space dedicated to innovative molecular biology tools shared between several structures: BB@C , BioTARGen and others potentially interested. The BioTARGen unit, in conjunction with the Reference Center for Rare Diseases “Anomalies of calcium phosphate metabolism” , develops variant validation analyzes (functionality tests) via transcriptomics or protein analysis (within the FHU G4 Genomics) . The InnovaSEQ platform, flow cytometry, tri-cellular and high-throughput sequencing, hosted at the University Hospital of Caen, is one of the bricks implemented by the BB@C for the future.

    A 3D space

    Finally, a space dedicated to 3D printing bringing together several printers will be identified at the heart of this space.