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A month dedicated to lung cancer
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A month dedicated to lung cancer

Lung cancer is the 3rd most common cancer and the 1st cause of cancer death in France.

At Caen Normandy University Hospital, a dedicated pathway is offered to patients with lung cancer. The establishment thus offers them a multidisciplinary approach including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, supportive care and clinical research in order to guarantee them personalized care associated with preservation of quality of life.

People affected by lung cancer

In 2023 in France, the number of new cases of lung cancer is estimated at 52,777 (33,438 men and 19,339 women).

It ranks 2nd among men and 3rd among women.

It generally affects seniors, with a median age at diagnosis of 68 years in men and 66 years in women.

Apart from genetic and age-related risk factors, which cannot be controlled, lung cancer is linked to environmental factors. Tobacco is the leading risk factor for lung and bronchial cancer. It is responsible for 8 out of 10 lung cancers.

Stopping smoking, even in cases of proven lung cancer, can improve life expectancy. *

 * National Cancer Institute

Help to quit smoking

Continued smoking among people with cancer has consequences both on health and on the treatments offered.

Support from the tobacco coordination unit at Caen Normandy University Hospital , combined if necessary with treatments, is offered to patients with lung cancer. The first consultation allows us to take stock of consumption, assess nicotine dependence and thus propose an individualized strategy, adapted to the patient. Then, personalized monitoring is put in place to help maintain smoking cessation. If the treatment requires it, the tobacco specialist can call on the skills of the dietitian and/or the psychologist of the unit. Most nicotine replacement treatments are reimbursed by Health Insurance .

Management and diagnosis of lung cancer

The pulmonology department at Caen Normandie University Hospital offers comprehensive care for patients with lung cancer. An interdisciplinary medical and paramedical team supports them on a daily basis and coordinates their care (diagnosis, surgical intervention, administration and monitoring of treatment within the oncology day hospital) . She also organizes hospital stays or stays in the Continuing Care Unit ( CCU ).

The establishment treats 200 new lung cancer patients per year. Treatment is provided as soon as the disease is suspected, by offering patients a consultation appointment within 72 hours with an onco-pulmonologist. It relies on a technical endoscopy platform and with the collaboration of the thoracic surgery and anatomopathology departments.

The diagnosis is confirmed by taking samples of the tumor, most often via bronchoscopy. This allows you to precisely visualize the trachea and bronchi. Different examinations are then carried out to assess the extent of the disease (CT scan, MRI , PET scan) .

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