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Installation of the ethics college
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Installation of the ethics college

The ethics college of Caen Normandy University Hospital met for the first time on Tuesday October 10, under the chairmanship of Jean-François Kerléo, professor of public law at Aix-Marseille University and specialist in constitutional law and ethics of public life.

Composition and role

The ethics college is made up of 5 members bound by an obligation of confidentiality, independence and impartiality. He performs the functions of ethics referent, competent to answer, in a confidential manner, questions relating to situations which could be referred to him by any agent employed by the Caen Normandie University Hospital, whatever his status, in order to give an opinion on the compliance with ethical obligations and principles.

The ethics college is also competent to issue opinions and make recommendations on general questions relating to the application of ethics within the establishment, at the request of the director general of the establishment. , the president of the establishment medical commission and/or the dean of the UFR Santé. It can also be self-seizing.

The college can be contacted, in particular, in the following areas: dignity, impartiality, integrity, probity, equality, secularism, neutrality and professional secrecy or even situations linked to an ancillary activity, etc.

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