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In January, we take a break from alcohol!
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Dry January

In January, we take a break from alcohol!

Dry January – January Challenge is a campaign supported by an international movement: every year in January, millions of people take a break from their alcohol consumption.

addiction service support DryJanuary.

How it works ?

The rule of the January challenge is simple: don't drink alcohol from the time you get up on January 1st until the end of the month... and that's it !

There is no good point if you don't drink, nor bad if you drink: it's up to everyone to see and notice the effects. But if you take up the challenge throughout the month, you will have significantly greater benefits. The best of them will undoubtedly be to have found pleasure in going out, dining at home, relaxing, seeing loved ones... without associating alcohol and thus identifying the drinks which do not correspond to a deliberate choice but more like a routine.

Dry January: beneficial effects evaluated

Dry January is an experience of British origin that now exists in a dozen countries. Since 2013, researchers have evaluated its effects. Its benefits are:

  • fresher and more beautiful skin,
  • improved sleep therefore more energy,
  • saving money,
  • better health since stopping for a month does considerable good for the body,
  • and a wonderful feeling of victory and pride!

Every year, millions of people in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium take a break from alcohol.

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