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The Race of the Heart
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Organ donation


From March 20 to 24

The Race of the Heart

From March 20 to 24, the Course du Cœur takes off again!

4 days and 4 nights of a race unlike any other which provides the opportunity for a fantastic awareness campaign for organ, bone marrow and tissue donation!

CHU runners supported by Orelsan

For the sixth time, the Société Francophone de Transplantation (SFT) is bringing together for this race a team of doctors, surgeons and nurses specializing in organ transplantation. The team is sponsored by Norman singer Orelsan.

Regular athletes, triathletes or long-distance runners, they are also doctors, surgeons or nurses, they work in Caen, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Marseille, Paris, Poitiers, Montpellier, Toulouse and their motto is CREDO: “Running for the Receivers and the Donors ".

Among them, 2 runners from the nephrology-transplantation of the Caen University Hospital : Professor Thierry Lobbedez and Professor Valérie Chatelet and Bruno Hurault de Ligny, former head of the transplantation department. Running with transplant recipients, whom they support on a daily basis and with whom they are very close, will be an opportunity to deliver strong messages to the public: a message of hope to all those waiting for an organ transplant, a message of reflection to those who can give but don't know it.

The race:

  • 740 km relay running day and night from Paris to Arcs 1800
  • A caravan made up of 15 teams of 14 runners, including one of transplant recipients (heart, lung, liver, kidney, bone marrow)
  • Around a hundred vehicles crossing 250 municipalities.

A big thank you to all the other supporters of the team: Christophe Dumarest , Alexis and Félix Lebrun, Mathieu Blin , Jonathan Zaccaï and Elodie Hesme , Niko Aliagas , Karim Dridi RUBIES Toulousaines association and Women's Rugby association.

Organ donation, we may all need it one day! Thanks to Orelsan for his valuable support!

Organ and tissue donation at the University Hospital

In 2022 at Caen Normandy University Hospital there were:

149 transplants including 84 hematopoietic stem cell transplants (48 allografts, 39 autografts) and 65 kidney transplants.

Hospital Coordination of Organ and Tissue Harvesting

The CHPOT 's mission is to list and identify potential donors, to guarantee the health safety and traceability of grafts, but also to participate in the training of health personnel and the information of the general public. Made up of a doctor, hospital nurse coordinators and nurse anesthetists, the team carries out its missions 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in conjunction with the Biomedicine agency.

From March 20 to 24
Communication department of Caen Normandy University Hospital
CHU Caen Normandy

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