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Emmanuel Reboursière, Medical Director of the 2023 Rugby World Cup
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Emmanuel Reboursière, Medical Director of the 2023 Rugby World Cup

Emmanuel Reboursière has worked for 10 years in the sports medicine department of CHU Caen Normandie, including 5 years as head of department.
Passionate about sport, he took a few months off to take up the post of medical director for the Rugby World Cup to be held in France in September and October 2023.

“I have been working with the French Rugby Federation for 10 years. After following a few young French teams, I was medical director during the Under-20 Rugby World Championship in 2018 in France and during the French stages of the international rugby 7s circuit.

So without hesitation, I agreed to take on these functions for the World Cup! I have been working on the project for a year and from June, I will be 100% on this mission.

In addition to my traditional training as a doctor, I have additional DESC* training in sports medicine, which I completed with a DIU in rugby pathology in 2014. I also followed the compulsory international training required for all medical personnel. intervening on rugby players during professional or international matches (made compulsory by the international federation World Rugby)”.

The role of the medical director is to offer comprehensive and appropriate medical care to the players during and between each match in conjunction with the doctors from the different teams. It is also a question of coordinating the operations around the event with the organizers.

"It's a position that requires good coordination skills to carry out various missions alongside high-level athletes and the federation. Each team has its medical staff (physiotherapist, doctor etc.) with whom I am in contact. If there is a need for a specialist or a particular intervention, I manage the transfer to a health establishment in the territory. »

The medical director also has a global vision of the general public health system in order to best adjust to the specific problems linked to competition.

“For almost 2 months, I will live to the rhythm of the competition within the committee, in the stadiums and in the operations center to regulate all the medical aspects in the best possible way. »

* Diploma of complementary specialized studies


The mission of the sports medicine is to provide functional exploration during exercise in athletes as well as medical consultations for pathologies linked to sports practice (cardiology, traumatology, rheumatology, nutrition, etc.) .

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