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Colorectal cancer screening
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Blue Mars

Colorectal cancer screening

The Caen Normandy University Hospital actively supports Operation Mars Bleu, an annual meeting organized by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health , the National Cancer Institute ( INCA ) and Health Insurance whose objective is to raise awareness of screening for cancers affecting the colon and rectum.

Thanks to screening, colorectal cancer can be cured in 9 out of 10 cases. The test makes it possible to detect cancer at an early stage and increase the chances of cure. Thanks to this screening, we can also spot a polyp before it develops into cancer.

Why get tested?

When colorectal cancer is detected at an early stage, 5-year survival exceeds 90% and the treatments used are less burdensome, allowing for a better quality of life.

Colorectal cancer often progresses, initially, without symptoms or noticeable signs. It is therefore sometimes diagnosed late and requires extensive treatment.

In the event of a positive test (4% of cases) you must then consult a gastroenterologist to carry out a colonoscopy.

Who ? When ? How ?

The colorectal cancer screening test concerns women and men, between 50 and 74 years old. It must be carried out every 2 years. ‍It consists of an immunological self-test which can be carried out in 3 minutes. Sent by post, the results are sent to you by mail. This test is 100% covered by Health Insurance.

Screening is simple, just order a free kit:

  • Online here
  • In pharmacy, with the Vitale card
  • During a consultation with your doctor
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