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The Biological Resource Center ( CRB ) · InnovaBIO is a research support structure, which prepares and preserves biological resources (biological material and associated data) , in a secure manner and with optimal traceability.

It thus participates in two important missions: optimizing the quality of care and developing research in biology. The BRC implements its missions by respecting the legislation and the regulations which concern the activities of constitution of the collections, the ethical aspects by the information, the non-opposition or the consent of the patients on the use of the biological resources, the confidentiality information communicated, best practices relating to its activities and through commitment to a rigorous quality approach.

  • Crew

  • Activities

    Main missions with the scientific and medical community
    • Support project design and implementation by providing expertise in biobanking
    • Guarantee quality biological resources from their collection to their availability
    • Ensure ethical-regulatory compliance and respect for the patient
    • Contribute to clinical research and innovation through the development of biological resources.
    • Participate in national networks to enable the sharing of biological resources and the harmonization of practices.

    The CRB InnovaBIO participates in academic and industrial clinical trials on a national, European or international scale. It is also one of the many BRCs COVIREIVAC network and, among other things, prepares biological resources for the French Observatory for Multiple Sclerosis ( OFSEP ).

    Although multi-thematic, the CRB is in direct contact with the Research axes of the CHU Caen Normandie, namely the heart/brain axis and infectious diseases.

    Research & Innovation

    Meso Scale Discovery Multiplex Assay ( MSD )

    The InnovaBIO platform is located in the premises of the CRB . It offers a service for the assay of biomarkers (eg. Cytokines, markers in neurology and cardiology) in different biological matrices (plasma, serum, urine, cell culture supernatants) . To do this, it is equipped with a MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 multiplex reader ( Meso Scale Discovery ( MSD ) which, based on the principle of electrochemiluminescence, allows the measurement of up to 10 analytes simultaneously, achieving a sensitivity ranging from from pg/ml to fg/ml depending on the kits and panels used The technical staff is also skilled in performing conventional ELISA assays.

    This platform is open to clinicians, researchers (academic or private sector) . The CRB draws up an estimate for any service request based on a reference price list.

    For any information, do not hesitate to contact:

    EQS certificates

    The Biological Resource Center InnovaBIO is a service of the CHU Caen Normandie created in 2018 and attached to the DRI . A research support structure, the CRB is doubly certified: NF S96-900: 2011 / ISO 20387: 2018 for its collection, reception, preparation, conservation and provision of biological resources of human origin for research. scientific and biomedical. Our certifications allow us to justify an organization and a quality service resolutely turned towards customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of practices.


    The CRB InnovaBIO is a member of the 3CR club and was awarded the 3CR performance mark, optimized level in 2022 . BRC working group for the Research and Innovation Commission ( CRI ).

    Useful documents

    NF S96-900 & ISO 20387 certificate

    Certification of December 13, 2021