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Digestive Tumors Registry
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Digestive Tumors Registry

A “health register” is a continuous and exhaustive collection of nominative data concerning a specific pathology which affects a geographically defined population, for research and public health purposes. “Cancer registries” are valuable tools for studying the epidemiological characteristics of digestive cancers and evaluating the political and health guidelines taken to improve their management.

A creation of Caen Normandy University Hospital

Created in 1978 at the Caen Normandy University Hospital, this specialized register records all cases of digestive cancers occurring in people residing in the department, as well as all clinical, therapeutic and monitoring data for these tumors. Just under 1,000 cases are recorded each year and its database included approximately 32,000 cases in 2023.

The register is located in the new biology-research building of the establishment and integrated into the Interdisciplinary Research Unit for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers – Anticipation Unit ( INSERM U1086) . Caen Normandie University Hospital is responsible for maintaining the register and processing the database.


Concretely, the register receives reports from different data sources from health professionals in the department (pathology, hospital data, death certificate, etc.)

He then proceeds to verify the data concerning digestive cancers; collects specialized data from all professionals involved in care, records vital status using INSEE data. He guarantees the confidentiality and security of the data collected.

Since 2002 and the implementation of the first national cancer plan (2003-2007), the registries have been placed under the dual supervision of the National Cancer Institute ( INCA ) and Santé Publique France ( InVS ), and participate in a program partnership and national work.

A monitoring and research mission

To ensure its public health and research missions, the register collects information concerning the identity of patients, their place of residence, the detailed description of the type of tumor, the follow-up and care they receive. It is largely the doctors responsible for the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients who provide this information to the registry. The data collected is covered by medical confidentiality and is strictly confidential.

Health monitoring

The register participates in the production of surveillance indicators in France and around the world : national incidence, regional incidence, survival and prevalence. Its mission is to help institutions in “permanent monitoring and observation of the state of health of the population…”.

Epidemiological research

Furthermore, the registry collaborates in national research work by France Cancer Incidence and Mortality and international research with EUROCARE and CONCORD .

Its data enable quality research in the fields of clinical epidemiology (survival studies and evaluation of cancer prognostic factors) and etiological epidemiology (identification of cancer risk factors). Finally, they make it possible to evaluate screening programs or care practices in relation to existing standards.

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