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A breakthrough in the treatment of multiple myeloma

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A breakthrough in the treatment of multiple myeloma

Current treatments for this bone marrow cancer do not allow cure but remission. The I-Dara protocol promoted by Caen Normandy University Hospital offers a better tolerated and more effective treatment.

Promising research work

Multiple myeloma is a rare bone marrow cancer (5,500 new cases/year in France) which mainly concerns elderly patients (the average age at diagnosis is 70 years) and for which current treatments do not allow a cure but a more or less prolonged remission.

The I-Dara protocol is a non-comparative study which involved frail elderly patients (80 years or over, or with significant associated pathologies) in relapse. The treatment included the combination of immunotherapy and high-dose cortisone-free oral therapy, which allowed better tolerance of the treatment which was extended up to 5 years in certain patients with good effectiveness.

With 55 patients included, the remission duration is on average 18 months and 3 out of 4 patients are still alive at more than 2 years.

This work has been the subject of several communications. The study has just been completed and will be published.

A study carried out by teams from the Hematology Institute of Basse Normandie with the support of the research and innovation department.

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