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MOCAE Cyto-Molecular Oncogenetics

The SF-MOCAE brings together in a single place in the Biology · Research building , all the oncogenetics activities carried out within the CHU Caen Normandie allowing the characterization of cytogenetic and molecular anomalies of solid tumors and malignant hemopathies, activities up to then divided between the Hematology laboratory, the Pathological Anatomy and Cytology department and the Genetics department. The SF-MOCAE is an autonomous structure articulated with the existing hospital platforms and hospital services.

This SF-MOCAE optimizes the implementation and development of activities in oncogenetics while preserving the specificities of the disciplines and guarantees a better display of these activities and the actions carried out in this context by the Caen Normandy University Hospital by pooling human and technical resources in the limit of the possible.

The SF-MOCAE works in close collaboration with the Federation of Oncology to promote the projects adopted by the Federation and to promote the development of oncology at the CHU and in the region in all these dimensions of care, research and teaching.

  • Crew

  • Tasks

    Hospital Missions
    • Develop and promote the expertise of CHU Caen Normandie on solid tumors and hematological malignancies.
    • Contribute to the structuring of the cancer patient journey within the CHU:
      • by its ability to respond quickly and in an appropriate/specific way to questions asked by clinicians/pathologists via molecular RCPs diagnostic RCPs
      • through its ability to innovate: setting up new analyses, being a player in clinical research, being a player in the characterization of tumors that are still poorly qualified
    • Ensure the continuity of the validation of the exams carried out within the SF-MOCAE .
    University and Research Missions
    • Structuring the research activities carried out at the CHU Caen Normandie in oncogenetics:
    • By promoting the biological data generated on the SF-MOCAE , and developing new themes and projects
    • by promoting collaborations with research teams
    • Promote the development of projects from the CHU and the genomics platform
    • Participate in the training of students (interns, M1, M2, doctoral students) brought to have an activity in oncogenetics