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Regional Pediatric Palliative Care Resource Team

The ERRSPP of the CHU Caen Normandie, La Source , is a multidisciplinary team whose main objective is to integrate the palliative approach into the practice of all health professionals confronted with the end of life in paediatrics”.

La Source operates in the 3 departments of the region: Calvados, Manche, Orne in and out of hospital, including medico-social structures and home interventions. She plays a support and advisory role with the healthcare teams. She brings her expertise in the care of newborns, children and adolescents and their relatives as well as in the management of symptoms in collaboration with the referring teams.

  • Activities

    Why contact us?
    • You are wondering about the care of a child or adolescent suffering from a pathology limiting or threatening his life .
    • The family and/or the healthcare team have questions about the consistency of the care plan, the life plan.
    • symptoms persist despite the implementation of first-line treatments .
    • The child and/or his entourage is requesting a return/maintenance at home .
    • You need information on the management of certain end-of-life symptoms (pain, asthenia, breathing difficulties, anorexia).
    • You would like information on palliative care in paediatrics.
    • You are wondering about the palliative approach in paediatrics .
    Who can contact us?
    • The child's referring doctor.
    • Any carer involved in the care of the child.
    • The parents.
    • The child himself.
    Our missions
    • Intervene at the request of a professional, the referring team or relatives faced with difficulties in supporting a child in palliative care.
    • Favor an evaluation time with the referring team.
    • Enable the coordination and development of a care and life plan .
    • Propose times for discussion and support with professionals.
    • training and acculturation actions in the palliative approach in paediatrics.
    • Promote the development of research in palliative care in conjunction with the other teams of the French Society for Pediatric Palliative Care .
    Places of intervention in the Bas Normand territory
    • Pediatrics and neonatology units.
    • Social medical centers.
    • HAD · Palliative care networks.
    • At home: family, self-employed caregivers, other stakeholders...
    • Places where the child lives: school, leisure, etc.
    Our concept of care
    • Multidisciplinary reflection.
    • Placing the child at the heart of care and promoting medico-psycho-social care .
    • Collaborate with all professionals without replacing them.
    • Take into account each professional in the field of his skills .
    • Involve the parents in the care, endeavoring to respect their choices and those of the child as much as possible .
    • Prioritize staying closer to home when desired.
    • Give priority to preserving the quality of life and the comfort of the child .

    Useful documents

    The source

    Regional Pediatric Palliative Care Resource Team Basse-Normandie