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Sound mapping of an ideal garden

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Sound mapping of an ideal garden

As part of a Culture-Health , residents of RPA – La Charité and children from the child and adolescent psychiatry department of Caen Normandy University Hospital have been participating in a project for several years of trans-generational garden.

Multidisciplinary meeting around culture and creativity

The ''sound mapping of an ideal garden'' project, carried out in partnership with the nature initiation museum - CPIE Vallée de l'Orne, starts from a desire, between the RPA - La Charité and the unit of crisis and hospitalization for adolescents (UCHA), child and adolescent psychiatry service, to create bonds around a common passion which is the garden.

The initial idea was to think, with patients and caregivers, of a vision of their ideal garden.

How to start from nothing, from an almost virgin space to arrive at a garden where you feel good, where you want to share walks with a loved one, a visitor, a caregiver, share moments of life.

A Health Culture project.

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2022-2023 Dream of an ideal garden

The first year consisted of reflecting on the garden in an immaterial way in different phases:

  • Visits to cultural structures related to the theme.
  • Educational workshops with the nature initiation museum – CPIE Vallée de l’Orne.
  • Writing workshops with the author Isabelle Rimasson and Epoque book fair in Caen : writing of “the tulips will soon be back”.
  • Illustration workshops of the imagined story, offered to patients accompanied by the illustrator Amélie Delaunay.
  • Voice setting, sound setting and recording: the story was set to music during workshops led by musician Marion Motte.
  • The recording of the compositions then took place in the Cargö in Caen.
  • Printing and design of a book/object: it was printed by the Caen Town Hall and embellished with a screen-printed cover and back cover, during workshops led by Karine Debout-Métairie from the l' Encrage .

2023 2024 From dream to reality!

The second stage of the project is based on the physical creation of the garden planned in advance, within the RPA – La Charité.

  • Design of the garden with Yoann Faivre of ''Vives terres'' and the nature initiation museum - CPIE Vallée de l'Orne.
  • Design of the route in the garden of the RPA – La Charité according to the story written in the book/object.
  • Manufacture of outdoor furniture with the Art Itinérant association : benches, armchairs, insect hotels, sound and classic birdhouses, vegetable garden containers.
  • Printing during screen printing workshops on garden furniture, with the l'Encrage collective.
  • Manufacturing of external sound diffusers: electronic workshop with “heads and hands” for the manufacturing of audio players with movement sensors. These sound diffusers will be hidden in the birdhouses.

The garden will subsequently be maintained jointly by residents and young people from UCHA.

Culture at Caen Normandy University Hospital

''Place of care, place of life'', it is in this spirit that the Caen Normandy University Hospital contributes to the quality of the reception and stay of its users by maintaining a strong link to the outside world through Culture.

Thus, throughout the year, the establishment offers its patients, caregivers or visitors, cultural activities in various artistic fields such as music, singing, theater, visual arts, books and reading. , the tale…

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