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Rare vascular diseases of the brain and eye CERVCO

The Rare Disease Competence Center for rare vascular diseases of the brain and eye ( CCMR -CERVCO), certified in 2016, specializes in the management of the following rare vascular pathologies of the retina, brain or spinal cord : CADASIL, familial vascular leukoencephalopathies, cerebral amyloid angiopathies, retinal arteriolar tortuosities, hereditary cerebroretinal vasculopathies with or without mutation of the COL4A1 or TREX1 genes, hereditary retinal and cerebral cavernomas, retinal hemangioblastomas of Von Hippel Lindau disease, Moya- Moya, cerebral arteriovenous malformations, familial cerebral aneurysms, cerebral venous thrombosis, retinal arteriovenous communications, hereditary cerebral and cerebral artery dissections, IRVAN, familial hemiplegic migraine, Coats disease, peripheral telangiectatic masses, macular telangiectasias and familial exudative vitreoretinopathy .

It is made up of a multidisciplinary team with neurologists and neurogeneticists.

  • Crew

  • Tasks

    The missions of CCMR -CERVCO are multiple
    • Expertise and regional referral center in the field
    • Realization of the diagnosis and management of rare vascular and brain and retina diseases
    • Coordination of multidisciplinary patient care and follow-up
    • Meeting and work with patient associations and medico-social structures
    • Training of health professionals at the regional level
    • Clinical research activities in conjunction with the reference center in Paris