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Language and Learning Disorders CRTLA

The Referent Center for Language and Learning Disorders is aimed at children residing in Western Normandy from 3 to 18 years old, presenting severe and long-lasting complex disorders: oral language, written language, mathematical cognition, praxis, memory, attention and executive functions. The foster children must already be followed.

  • Crew

    • Hospital Practitioner
    • Medical-Administrative Assistant
    • 3 pediatric neurologists
    • 2 speech therapists
    • 1 Neuropsychologist
    • 1 Secretary
    • 1 senior health officer
  • Tasks

    Assessment, diagnosis and orientation

    During treatment, the CRTLA as needed:

    • contacts the professionals concerned, collects additional information from them and decides on the necessary intervention,
    • receives the child for a medical consultation and/or redirects the request,
    • carries out a speech therapy and/or neuropsychological assessment,
    • summarizes the data and develops the therapeutic project in collaboration with external professionals (possibly with the support of Normandie Pédiatrie ) ,
    • provides information on the arrangements and possible orientations in the school environment, on the places of resources and exchanges (care networks, parents' associations, etc.) .

    The CRTLA can undertake specific and/or multidisciplinary rehabilitation with children from the Caen area if necessary.

    Training / Information

    Professionals can contact the CRTLA for diagnostic and therapeutic clarification (presentation of their patient on file).

    The CRTLA offers training and information actions in connection with Normandie Pédiatrie intended for:

    • national education professionals (teachers, national education psychologists, national education doctors, etc.) ,
    • to doctors,
    • speech therapists and psychologists,
    • to students (education, health, etc.) ,
    • to families.

    The CRTLA proposes research protocols and participates in ongoing studies.


    Families are referred to the CRTLA by the professionals who follow the child:

    • treating physicians, paediatricians, child psychiatrists,
    • the structures of the medico-social sector (CAMSP, CMPEA, CMPP, PMI, SSEFS, etc.) ,
    • national education doctors, national education psychologists,
    • speech therapists,
    • psychomotor therapists, occupational therapists, orthoptists, psychologists.

    For the opening of the file, the family contacts the secretariat of the CRTLA , sends the reports of assessments/care and/or the opinions of the professionals intervening with the child.