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Vascular liver diseases

Vascular liver diseases can affect children and adults. They most often correspond to thromboses (clots) of the large vessels of the liver (portal vein, suprahepatic veins) but can also concern the small vessels of the liver. A pro-thrombotic factor, sometimes genetic, must be carefully sought, and anticoagulant treatment is often indicated for a minimum duration of 6 months. They can be complicated by hypertension in the portal venous network.

The Caen Normandy University Hospital center is coordinated by Dr Isabelle Ollivier-Hourmand for adult patients and Professor Claire Dupont for children and adolescents. It is attached to the Reference Center for Vascular Liver Diseases at Beaujon Hospital , to the French Network of Vascular Liver Diseases, and to the FILFOIE Network . It works closely with the patients' association AMVF .

A multidisciplinary team is involved in patient care.