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University Center for Allergic Diseases

The activities of the dermato-allergology units and the exploration of adult anaphylaxis are grouped together in a single structure: the University Center for Allergic Diseases. The center has consultation rooms, tests and day hospital chairs.

  • Assignment


    The center aims to provide multidisciplinary management of drug and venom allergies and contact allergies, including occupational ones.



    For an appointment with one of our doctors, please provide a medical letter with the subject of the request (treating doctor or specialist) . You can send it to us by post or email . We will contact you after validation of this letter.

    At least 2 days before the consultation, you can complete your pre-admission online.

    Reasons for consultations
    • Drug allergies
    • Skin contact allergies
    • Anaphylactic reactions (venoms…)
    • Mastocytosis

    Respiratory and food allergies will be directed in the first instance to city allergists.