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Bullous Autoimmune Diseases MALIBUL

Bullous Autoimmune Diseases ( MBAI ) are all bullous diseases in which the lesions observed are the consequence of the attachment of auto-antibodies directed against constituents of the patient's skin and/or mucous membranes.

  • Pathologies

    • Dermatitis herpetiformis
    • Linear IgA Dermatosis
    • Linear IgM dermatosis
    • Acquired epidermolysis bullosa
    • Fixed pigmented erythema
    • Generalized bullous fixed pigmented erythema
    • Erythema multiforme
    • Pemphigoid lichen planus
    • Toxic epidermal necrolysis
    • Bullous pemphigoid
    • Cicatricial pemphigoid
    • pemphigoid of pregnancy
    • Mucous membrane pemphigoid
    • Autoimmune pemphigus
    • Paraneoplastic pemphigus
    • Superficial pemphigus
    • Pemphigus vulgaris