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Functional explorations

Our main mission is to carry out functional explorations of the cardio-respiratory, vascular, digestive and central or peripheral nervous systems in infants, children and adults.

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  • Functional explorations include five activity sectors

    Respiratory and metabolic functional explorations

    Respiratory and Metabolic Functional Explorations sector carries out the corresponding functional explorations in Adults and Children. These examinations carried out include:

    In the field of Respiratory Exploration:
    • simple spirometry,
    • body plethysmography,
    • reversibility and broncho-provocation tests,
    • gas transfer, measurement of pulmonary capillary volume,
    • collection and measurement of blood gases,
    • pulmonary compliances,
    • evaluation of the respiratory muscles,
    • NO exhaled, NO nasal,
    • hyperoxia test,
    • ventilatory response to CO2.
    In the field of Metabolic Exploration:
    • stress tests with measurement of oxygen consumption and arterial effort gasometry,
    • specialized stress tests for metabolic muscle pathologies,
    • stress echocardiography.
    Service equipment
    • A body plethysmograph,
    • a system for measuring alveolar-capillary diffusion,
    • a broncho-provocation measurement system,
    • a combined system (body plethysmograph/diffusion/broncho-provocation),
    • a combined diffusion/capillary volume measurement system,
    • an exercise VO² measurement system,
    • a blood gas automaton,
    • an NO analyzer.
    Venous explorations
    Consulting activity

    Venous Doppler ultrasound can explore both superficial and deep veins.

    Service equipment
    • an echo-Doppler device Aloka alpha 10 (2006)
    • a Continuous Doppler Stereodop 448.S Echomed (1975)
    Digestive functional explorations

    The Digestive Functional Explorations sector carries out the corresponding functional explorations in adults and children:

    • esophageal manometry,
    • anorectal manometry,
    • 24-hour pH-metry,
    • anorectal rehabilitation by biofeedback,
    • measurement of respiratory hydrogen production (breath-test),
    • transit time to radiopaque markers.
    Service equipment
    • an analog digestive exploration system
    • a digital digestive exploration system
    • an H2/CO2 analyzer
    • 3 mobile pH meters
    Sports medicine

    Sports Medicine is located at the Côte de Nacre hospital. Its activity is twofold:

    Functional explorations :
    Stress tests with measurement of VO², determination of lactic and ventilatory thresholds, strength-speed tests, Wingate, assessment of no contraindications for all sports disciplines, measurement of respiratory capacity, measurement of pressure in the compartments, altitude adaptation tests …

    Sports medicine : specialized consultations in general medicine, cardiology, functional rehabilitation, traumatology, rheumatology, paediatrics, nutrition, etc.

    Service equipment : The sports medicine service has adapted equipment, including:

    • conveyor belt,
    • cycle ergometer,
    • rowing ergometer,
    • ergometer for the disabled,
    • measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2),
    • lactate analyzer,
    • pressure measurement in the compartments,
    • late potentials,
    • screening echocardiography,
    • cardiac holter.

    The department also hosts the Medical Antenna for the Prevention and Fight against Doping : anyone confronted with the problem of doping can be received there anonymously and free of charge.

    Specialized vestibular functional explorations
    Unit for the exploration and treatment of sleep disorders

    Its main mission is the management of sleep disorders: consultations, explorations and treatments.

    For sleep disorders of respiratory origin, it works in consultation with the pneumology department. The unit is a center approved by the French Society for Research and Sleep Medicine.


    The main activity of the unit is the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. For this, it uses various tests:

    • Consulting,
    • Ventilatory polygraphy
    • Polysomnographies,
    • Sleep latency tests,
    • Awakening tests,
    • Nap EEG
    • Video-electro-encephalography,
    • Implementation of Continuous Positive Pressure (CPAP) treatments.
    Service equipment
    • 3 fixed polysomnographs,
    • 1 outpatient polysomnograph,
    • 2 ambulatory polygraphs.

    Contact :
    02 31 27 23 27

  • Pathologies

    Functional explorations

    The Service carries out functional explorations in the context of most pathologies , in particular respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular, digestive, etc. in conjunction with the clinical services and the requesting practitioners concerned.

    Complete care (diagnostic and therapeutic) is only provided in the department for certain identified pathologies or disciplines (sleep pathology, epilepsy, sports medicine) .


    Epilepsy is a set of pathologies expressed by the repetition of phenomena called epileptic seizures. These are very varied types of discomfort (loss of consciousness, abnormal movements, psychic phenomena, etc… more or less associated) corresponding to an abnormal electrical discharge of neurons in the brain.

    It can be linked to a brain injury, but not always. It affects all ages of life, from newborns to the elderly.

    The diagnosis is based on the description of the symptoms by the patient's entourage, and by making recordings of brain activity: the electroencephalogram. Treatment is with anti-epileptic drugs and sometimes surgery.

    Deep or superficial vein thrombosis, phlebitis

    Venous thrombosis, also called phlebitis , refers to the formation of a clot in a vein. It is said to be “superficial” when it affects the small veins located between the skin and the muscles, “deep” when it reaches a larger vein.

    The preferential location of deep phlebitis is in the lower limbs (legs, thighs, folds of the groin) . Insofar as the clot can detach and cause a pulmonary embolism (obstruction of the pulmonary artery) , deep thrombosis requires an emergency consultation .

    Sports medicine pathologies

    The sports medicine department takes care of:

    • the explorations of the athlete,
    • any pathology related to the practice of sport,
    • the resumption of physical activity
    • patients with chronic diseases wishing to engage in physical activity.

    Pathologies of the Sleep Disorders Exploration and Treatment Unit

    • Insomnia
    • Narcolepsy and other hypersomnias
    • Breathing problems during sleep
    • restless leg syndrome
    • Sleepwalking and other parasomnias
    • Explorations of epilepsies