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Hospital Coordination of Organ and Tissue Harvesting

The hospital coordination of organ and tissue harvesting at the CHU Caen Normandie, in permanent contact with the Biomedicine Agency, has the main mission of organizing organ harvesting activities (kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, etc.). ) as well as tissues (cornea, heart valves, vessels, etc.) . In 2022, in France, approximately 1,700 donors were able to be removed from at least one organ. However, the number of patients registered on the waiting list is still very high (10,810 on January 1, 2023 ) .

  • Activities


    the CHPOT are to:

    • Identify people who died in brain death or after a controlled circulatory arrest and likely to be donors
    • Welcoming relatives in order to collect the testimony of the deceased as to his position regarding organ donation
    • Ensure that the medical examinations necessary for the samples are carried out and compatible with a donation
    • Organize the operating room with surgical teams from all over France.

    Every year, June 22 is the National Organ Donation Reflection and Donor Recognition Day .

    National Day of Reflection on Organ Donation and Donor Recognition

    Every June 22 is the National Day of Reflection on Organ Donation and Transplantation and Donor Recognition. The objective of this day organized by the Biomedicine Agency is to encourage the French to share their position regarding organ donation with their families.