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Created in 2018, the Fédération interhospitalière Normande Microbiologie Infectiologie Hygiène brings together the hospital-university teams of the CHU Caen Normandie and Rouen Normandie working in the field of Infectiology. The FéNoMIH is represented by Pr Olivier Join-Lambert , Bacteriologist at the CHU Caen Normandie and by Pr François Caron , Infectiologist at the CHU Rouen Normandie.

The FéNoMIH promotes and develops the training, prevention, diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in Normandy by associating the health professionals involved, whatever their type of exercise. It works closely with various Norman players in this field and actively participates in teaching and research.

JNM logoNews: Normandy Clinical Microbiology Day 2024 · save the date and download the scientific program!
The next Norman Day of Clinical Microbiology will take place on Friday May 24, 2024 at the Le Cercle villa in Deauville. Organized within the framework of FéNoMIH , its theme will be the diagnosis of enteric infections.
In particular, aspects of epidemiological surveillance, news on diagnostic approaches and infection prevention and antibiotic resistance will be discussed. Consult the program .

  • Care activities with a regional dimension

    Support Center for the Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections

    The CPias Normandie (Dr. F Borgey) contributes to the expertise and support for health professionals for the management and prevention of the risk of infection associated with care and resistance to anti-infectives in the 3 sectors of the supply of care: health establishments, medico-social establishments and services and the city care sector.

    Regional advice center for antibiotic therapy in Normandy

    Under the aegis of the ARS and the management of the two University Hospitals, NormAntibio's mission is to develop the proper use of antibiotics throughout the region by providing support to doctors in towns or health establishments that do not have an infectious disease specialist. .

    COREVIH Normandy

    COREVIH Normandie (responsible Pr. M. Etienne) has the mission to fight against the spread of HIV and STIs. Throughout the territory, it coordinates the Free Information Centers for Diagnosis and Screening of Sexually Transmitted Infections, contributes to health policies through quality epidemiology and supports research.

  • Trainings

    Norman day of clinical microbiology

    Continuing medical education Normandy Day of Clinical Microbiology (JNM)

    Created in 2019, the Normandy Day of Clinical Microbiology is a training day aimed mainly at biologists specializing in the diagnosis of infections. Led by a regional organizing committee, this day offers conferences and interactive workshops and promotes the sharing of experience between biologists.

    Continuing medical education · Updates in Infectiology

    Created in 2022, it is a half-day of presentations and discussions around current themes of hospital antibiotic therapy bringing together doctors from Multipurpose Medicine, Emergencies, Geriatrics, pharmacists involved in antimicrobial commissions. -infectious and hygienists

    Continuing medical education Day of antibiotic therapy referents in Normandy (Omedit Normandie)

    Associated University Training · Anti-infectious Chemotherapy IUD

    This 3 rd cycle course aims to develop knowledge in all fields of anti-infectious therapy, combining theoretical lessons and situations, being open to both interns and practitioners concerned: clinicians, biologists, pharmacists.

    Associated University Training Transversal Specialized Training Hygiene, Infection Prevention, Resistance UniCaen UniRouen

    The FST Hygiene is open to interns from different DES (in particular but not exclusively: public health, infectious diseases, intensive medicine, anesthesia-resuscitation, biology) wishing to acquire operational skills in hygiene by means of an additional year of training.

    Associated University Training DU Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Associated Infections UniCaen

    This training provides the technical biological, epidemiological, clinical and legal bases essential to the prevention and fight against healthcare-associated infections; participates in the dissemination of rules of good practice for quality care.

    Associated University Training DU Prevention of Nosocomial Infections and Quality of Care UniRouen

    The DU Prevention of Nosocomial Infections and Quality of Care aims to train field hygienists, doctors or nurses . It includes 9 modules of 1 day face-to-face, and the defense of a dissertation.

  • Associated research laboratories and masters

    UMR 1311 INSERM Dynamicure · Caen University – Rouen University

    Director: Pr JC Plantier
    Deputy Directors: Pr. M. Pestel-Caron (Rouen) and Pr. O. Join-Lambert (Caen)

    Themes : adaptation of bacterial and viral microbial agents to the host and in its microbial environment, including resistance to anti-infectives and persistence; evolutionary and ecological dynamics associated with infection, epidemic circulation and pathogen emergence.

    Unicaen Dynamicure

    UR 7510 ESCAPE Epidemiological surveillance and circulation of parasites in environments UniReims UniRouen

    Director: Pr I. Villena
    Deputy Director: Pr. L. Favenec


    • Study of protozooses transmitted by food (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Toxoplasma)
    • Medical and veterinary etomology, Helminthology

    UR 4651 Foods Bioprocesses Toxicology Environments ( ABTE ) · UniCaen + UniRouen + ToxEMAC

    Director: Pr. F. Sichel
    ToxEMAC team leader : Pr. D. Garon

    Thematic :

    • "Bioaerosols, Fungal Biodiversity and Health", exposure to bioaerosols, study of pulmonary and estrogenic impacts

    Food Bioprocesses Toxicology Environments web page (UniCaen)

    ToxEMAC website

    Master Microbiology UniCaen + UniRouen

    Master's degree in Bioinformatics, Modeling and Statistics (BIMS, UniRouen)

    Master of Science, Technology, Health, options Fundamental Virology and Option Molecular and Medical Virology (Sorbonne University)

    Master's in Management of Health Activities, specialization in Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Associated Infections (UniCaen)