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Medical organization

Mis à jour le 17/07/2019
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Medical organization

To carry out their missions, hospitals must organize themselves in poles, created by the board of directors under the proposal of the executive committee on the basis of the establishment’s project and for clinical and medico-technical poles, in accordance with the medical project. Poles obey a logic of simplification and devolution of the management. They must encourage the decompartmentalization of the hospital, improve the caring of patients, and the quality of pluridisciplinary work.

With more than 60 clinical and medical-technical departments and 5 850 healthcare professionals (1 045 medical staff and 4 805 non-medical staff), the University Hospital provides for the population's healthcare needs and covers all medical, surgical and obstetrical specialties, including some of the most complex, thanks to 40 reference and skill centres supported by an extensive technical platform.

At the forefront of innovation, the University Hospital plays an active role in medical and pharmaceutical research through its research cluster (806 on-going protocols in 2017 and 713 publications*), along with healthcare education.

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