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The missions of the University Hospital Center

Mis à jour le 22/01/2019
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Healthcare Teaching Research

A community healthcare establishment for the entire Caen basin population and a primary care and expertise cluster for the entire ex Basse-Normandie region, the Caen University Hospital possesses 1 615 beds and places spread over 3 sites : le plateau Côte de Nacre (Tour Côte de Nacre/Bâtiment Sud/Centre Esquirol), l’hôpital Clemenceau and la Résidence pour Personnes Âgées - La Charité.

With more than 60 clinical and medical-technical departments and 5 850 healthcare professionals (1 003 medical staff and 4 847 non-medical staff), the University Hospital provides for the population's healthcare needs and covers all medical, surgical and obstetrical specialties, including some of the most complex, thanks to 40 reference and skill centres supported by an extensive technical platform.

At the forefront of innovation, the University Hospital plays an active role in medical and pharmaceutical research through its research cluster (1 049 on-going protocols in 2016 and 744 publications*), along with healthcare education.

It is also involved in medical teaching, in participation with the faculties of medicine in Caen (2 399 students), of odontology in Rennes (28 students hosted by the hospital-dental unit at Caen University Hospital) and the midwifery school (98 students). It also contributes to pharmaceutical teaching with the Caen University Department of Pharmacy (696 students*).

Caen University Hospital is also invested in paramedical teaching, with its training institutes (training for nurses, health executives, electro-radiology specialists, care assistants, paramedics and assistant paramedics) and its schools (anaesthetist nurses, surgical nurses, paediatric nurses), with 895 students or pupils.

Following the official announcement of its reconstruction, the University Hospital has turned a new page in its history. This large-scale project based on the establishment's new and innovative medical project, that will radically alter its organisation to adapt to new patient care circuits and to propose more appropriate management.