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CHU Caen Normandy

Welcome to the CHU Caen Normandy website!

This page will allow you to prepare for your arrival at the CHU and to carry out your procedures within our establishment. All this information can also be found in the welcome booklet which can be consulted at the bottom of this page and which will be given to you when you arrive in hospital.

  • Your arrival at CHU Caen Normandie

    Scheduled hospitalization or consultation:
    Save time by registering your arrival online!

    Make your pre-admission on the CHU Caen Normandie website at the latest 2 days before your arrival. When you come, you will have to scan the barcode of your invitation (sent by the secretariat when you make your appointment) at the interactive terminals present at the entrance of the CHU. Once your file has been validated, you can go directly to the service without going through the admissions office.

    Emergency hospitalization

    I am hospitalized in emergency

    A reception is provided at the entrance to the emergency room to collect information concerning your identity and your care.
    In the event of an accident

    If when a patient arrives, the establishment does not have their identity, a procedure is put in place to create their file. The information will be updated later after identification.

    I am a minor or protected adult

    Admission to CHU Caen Normandie is at the request of the parents, the legal guardian or the judicial authority.
    In the event of surgery or acts requiring anesthesia, their written and signed authorization is essential. Without this authorisation, no operation can be carried out except in an emergency.

    I am not affiliated with the compulsory health insurance

    Hospitalized persons not benefiting from any social care must pay the full hospitalization costs.
    In this case, for any scheduled hospitalization, an estimate of the hospitalization costs must be drawn up and specific methods of coverage exist. To do this, you can contact 02 31 06 33 77 or by email

    Payment of a retainer: patients are then invited to pay a renewable retainer to the management of the CHU Caen Normandie "cash" or to the establishment's Treasury. It is calculated on the basis of the estimated duration of the stay*. Admission will then be possible on presentation of a payment receipt corresponding to the full estimated amount shown on the estimate.

    In case of extension of stay, a supplement will be payable. If the stay is shortened, the refund of the difference will be made.

    *article R.6145-4 of the public health code

  • parking

    The parking

    Parking is free for the first hour and a half (1h30) . The establishment offers more than 1,000 places in 3 separate (P1, P2 and P10) with plenty of places for people with reduced mobility as well as 2 patient and visitor drop-off points.

    Free 1h30

    car park 1

    car park 1

    425 places

    people with reduced mobility


    2 wheels

    2 wheel parking
    car park 2

    car park 2

    100 seats

    people with reduced mobility


    2 wheels

    2 wheel parking
    car park 10

    car park 10

    265 seats

    people with reduced mobility


  • Request for medical records

    The law (Cf. Information notice below) allows you to access your medical file. To facilitate your process, the CHU Caen Normandie provides you with a downloadable form .

    Medical records request form

    You are the patient concerned, the legal representative, the guardian or the beneficiary for a deceased person, please return the form duly completed, signed and accompanied by the supporting documents requested.

    By mail

    Medical records reproduction unit

    Department of General and Legal Affairs
    CHU Caen Normandie
    Avenue de la Côte de Nacre
    CS 30001
    14033 CAEN cedex 9

    By email

    Medical records reproduction unit

    at this address :

  •  Contact a hospitalized person

    Contact a hospitalized person

    Your hospitalized correspondent must send you his 4-digit number.

    Attach a patient

    Côte de Nacre Hospital

    Dial the number below and enter the 4-digit number that will have been given to you .

    Attach a patient

    Clemenceau Hospital

    Dial the number below and enter the 4-digit number that will have been given to you .

    Attach a patient to the FEH

    Women's Hospital Children's Hematology

    Dial the number below and enter the 4-digit number that will have been given to you .

  • Your user representatives

    Your user representatives

    The users' commission is tasked with ensuring that users' rights are respected and contributing to improving the quality of reception of sick people and their relatives and of care.

    The user representative is a volunteer and commissioned by the ARS . It is the spokesperson for users to guarantee respect and promotion of the rights of patients and users of the health system.

    Composition of the users' commission

    and contacts
    Director of quality, risk management and users,
    as legal representative of the establishment
    Dr. Pierre Delassus
    Medical mediator holder, president of the CDU
    Dr Xavier Troussard
    Substitute physician mediator
    Non-medical mediator
    Alternate non-medical mediator
    Sylvie Gareau
    Permanent user representative, vice-president of the CDU
    Martine LeCharpentier
    Resident user representative
    Rejane Turgis
    Alternate user representative
    Rose Kamchuing
    Alternate user representative
    Claude Francoise
    Representative of the titular Supervisory Board
    GCE representative
    Carine Chaignet
    Representative of the titular CSE
    Laurence Bigot
    Alternate CSE representative
    Farida Sali
    Representative of the CSIRMT
    Isabelle Fauvel
    Alternate CSIRMT representative
    • e-Satis e-Satis

    Quality of care

    Fill in your email on admission and answer e-Satis, the national survey of the High Authority for Health

    How to answer the survey?

    You give your e-mail address* on admission or on leaving the establishment to receive the e-Satis questionnaire, once you have returned home.

    * Your email address will only be used for this purpose and will not be shared with third parties. No advertising or commercial use will be made.

    What does the questionnaire contain?

    By answering the e-Satis questionnaire anonymously, you give your opinion on:

    • reception in the establishment
    • your care by health professionals
    • your room and meals
    • organizing your return home

    Why is your opinion important?

    • You help your hospital or clinic know its strengths and areas for improvement.
    • You participate in improving the quality of care in health establishments.
    • You allow each person to find out about the level of patient satisfaction of the establishment of their choice on QualiScope .
    White HAS logo

    One of the missions of HAS is to measure and improve the quality of health, social and medico-social establishments.
    To do this, it implements various quality indicators, including e-Satis.

    HAS online information service , accessible below.