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In addition to general urology (prostate, kidneys, bladder, lithiasis, genital and urinary infection, andrology) , the activities of the department are represented by urological oncology, neuro-urology and urinary incontinence, kidney failure surgery : Kidney transplantation, peritoneal dialysis catheter.

Robotic and Laser surgery is an important part of the department's activity.

In addition to general urology (prostate, kidneys, bladder, lithiasis, genital and urinary infection, andrology) , the activities of the department are represented by urological oncology, neuro-urology and urinary incontinence, kidney failure surgery : Kidney transplantation, peritoneal dialysis catheter.

Robotic and Laser surgery is an important part of the department's activity.

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    All urinary pathologies

    Pr Xavier Tillou, Dr Sofiane Seddik, Dr Khalifa Ait-Said, Dr Lionel Vaudreuil, Dr Szabla Nicolas, Dr Jeanne Schlegel, Dr Caroline Ghouti, Dr Marie Tran, Dr Paul Baloche, Dr Thibaut Waeckel, Dr Hélène Ricard
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    Oncology, Kidney transplantation, All urinary pathologies

    Professor Xavier Tillou
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    Andrology, Erection disorders, Assisted medical reproduction, All urinary pathologies

    Dr Lionel Vaudreuil
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    Oncology, All urinary pathologies

    Dr Sofiane Seddik
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    Oncology, Penile tumour, All urinary pathologies

    Dr. Khalifa Ait-Said
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    Urinary incontinence, Neuro-urology, All urinary pathologies

    Dr Caroline Ghouti
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    All urinary pathologies

    Dr Nicholas Szabla
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    All urinary pathologies

    Dr Marie Tran
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    All urinary pathologies

    Dr. Jeanne Schlegel
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    All urinary pathologies

    Dr. Paul Baloche
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    All urinary pathologies

    Dr Thibaut Waeckel
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      Composition of service

      • 1 University Professor · Hospital Practitioner
      • 6 Hospital Practitioners
      • 1 Head of Clinic from universities · assistants from hospitals
      • 1 Hospital Specialist Assistants
      • 1 Junior Doctor
      • 1 clinical psychologist
      • 1 health executive
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      The consultation activity, important, with more than 10,000 urological consultations per year for 10 surgeons, concerns:

      • oncology (30%),
      • benign prostatic hypertrophy (20%) for which we favor medical treatment
      • neuro-urology and incontinence (10%),
      • lithiasis (15%),
      • genitourinary infection (10%),
      • andrology, both in the field of erectile insufficiency and in that of male infertility (ministerial approval obtained in 2000).

      Many diagnostic or therapeutic acts : outpatient endoscopies, prostate biopsies under ultrasound, urodynamic assessments, etc.

      A psychologist, attached, provides consultations for care, when necessary, in the field of sexology and erectile insufficiency


      The management of urological cancers is intended to be comprehensive, from diagnosis to medical or surgical treatment, as well as the terminal phases. The service works in close collaboration with various stakeholders, mainly the Cancerology team of the CHU

      The urology department uses the new generation intuitive surgical robot This allows minimally invasive surgery with great finesse and precision. This tool is mainly used for the management of urological tumors (prostate cancer, kidney cancer with the partial nephrectomy technique, bladder cancer).

      We are proud to be able to offer our patients state-of-the-art technology to perform prostate biopsies with millimeter precision by merging MRI -ultrasound images. We use MRI elastic fusion with a state-of-the-art machine . Biopsies are performed trans-perineally or trans-recally under local or general anesthesia.

      Prostate adenoma Laser Greenlight® vaporization system, reducing the duration of hospitalization and postoperative bleeding. Recently, the department acquired a new reference technique for the treatment of prostate adenoma ( Holmium laser enucleation).

      The management of neuro-urology and incontinence is a pole whose activity, which can be carried out on an outpatient basis, is constantly and rapidly increasing. The most recent techniques are used there, in particular sacral neuromodulation which can give spectacular results in major bladder instability and chronic neurogenic urinary retention.

      A regular multidisciplinary consultation meeting ( Périnée Clinic ) has also been in place since 2019 to comply with the new HAS . There are gastroenterologists, digestive surgeons, gynecologists and a psychologist.

      management of renal insufficiency , in collaboration with the Nephrology-Hemodialysis of the CHU but also with the various nephrology teams in the region, is an important activity.

      We use within the service of the service of the “heated Ametycine”. This therapy makes it possible to treat certain types of bladder cancer that are resistant to conventional treatments.

      In order to offer rapid care on our territory and avoid the displacement of patients, all members of the team consult at least once a week in a public hospital center:

      • Pr Xavier Tillou: Friday at the Cricqueboeuf hospital center
      • Dr Lionel VAUDREUIL: Friday at the Saint-Lô hospital center
      • Dr Sofiane SEDDIK: Friday at the Vire hospital center
      • Dr Nicolas SZABLA: Wednesday at the Cherbourg hospital center
      • Dr Jeanne SCHLEGEL: Monday at the St Lô hospital center
      • Dr Marie TRAN: Wednesday at the Lisieux hospital center
      • Dr Caroline GHOUTI: Thursday at the Flers hospital center
      • Dr Paul BALOCHE: Tuesday at the Falaise hospital center

      Finally, we have a consultation dedicated to medically assisted procreation and erectile dysfunction thanks to a urologist and the precious help of a sexologist psychologist who consults within the urology team (Madame Caroline Devisme). The service has recently acquired equipment allowing the management of erectile dysfunctions and deviations of the penis (Malaie de Lapyeronie) while avoiding invasive treatment (surgery).


      Urological oncology

      The service takes care of all urogenital cancer pathologies, cancers of the kidney of the upper excretory tract, bladder, prostate, testicles, retroperitoneal and adrenal tumors. It provides diagnosis and surgical, laparoscopic or conventional treatment depending on the case.

      The files are discussed in a multidisciplinary consultation meeting with the Center François Baclesse team, where urological surgery is not covered but where chemotherapy, when necessary, is covered.


      Neuro-urology is the management of all urinary and sexual symptoms related to a neurological disease (multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, etc.) or without a clearly recognized cause.

      Explorations (urodynamic assessment, endoscopies), treatments (medication, sacral neuromodulation, botulinum toxin, even major surgery to protect the urinary tract) are a recognized activity of the service.

      Incontinence, genitourinary prolapse

      This care is carried out from symptom to treatment, often on an outpatient basis.

      All types of incontinence are supported, male or female. We have at our disposal all the exploration or treatment techniques, whether minimally invasive (strips) or more specialized (sacral neuro-modulation, botulinum toxin, artificial sphincter) treatments.

      All files are discussed before surgery in a Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting ( RCP )

      Chronic Kidney Failure Surgery

      Through nephrologists, we provide kidney transplants (deceased donor or related living donor), organ removal surgery and surgery of the peritoneal access for dialysis.

      prostate adenoma

      This frequent pathology may require drug or more aggressive treatment (endoscopic resection of the prostate, radiofrequency and soon laser which can then be performed on an outpatient basis).

      Prostate cancer

      It is up to the urologists to ensure the early diagnosis of this frequent disease detected by the PSA assay and digital rectal examination and proven by prostate biopsies carried out by the urologist on an external basis.

      Depending on the potential severity of the disease, treatments can range from simple surveillance to surgery (laparoscopic or conventional). We are an expert center in the treatment technique by Ablatherm. Radiotherapy, when it is proposed (grain brachytherapy, conformal radiotherapy) is carried out at the Center François Baclesse, as well as certain chemotherapies.

      Kidney tumors

      Kidney tumours, benign or most often malignant, usually require surgical treatment, requiring partial or total removal of the diseased kidney, by laparoscopy or conventional surgery.

      In more severe stages, the use of modern drug treatments (anti-angiogenic) is provided by the Center François Baclesse team.

      Bladder tumors

      Most often revealed by red urine (hematuria), they are initially treated by natural means, the use of bladder excision surgery is fortunately less frequent.

      Urinary stones

      Revealed most often by pain such as renal colic, urological treatment may prove necessary, whether urgently or in a deferred manner.

      The use of extracorporeal lithotripsy is less and less frequent since we have at our disposal a laser and miniaturized equipment allowing us to seek out and destroy stones, whether they are in the kidney or the ureter.

      For larger kidney stones, we will resort to percutaneous surgery by entering the kidney through a small cutaneous orifice. The use of conventional open surgery is exceptional.

      erectile dysfunction

      The urology department supports the exploration and treatment of erectile dysfunction whatever its origin.

    • Competence centers

      Rare Disease Competence Center
      Rare Disease Competence Center
    • Research & innovation


      The department regularly participates in the evaluation of pharmacological treatments, in particular in the field of oncology, within the framework of international multicenter therapeutic trials.

      the urology department was recently selected (February 2020) to participate in a multicenter study whose aim is to test a new treatment for bladder tumors (heated Ametycine). This treatment began in the department more than two and a half years ago with a good knowledge of the technique.

      Sacral neuromodulation is another line of research, in particular for disorders of urination of neurological origin, has enabled several communications at congresses in France or abroad.

      The interest of the pet-scan (tomography by positron emission) , thanks to the presence of devices, on the site of Caen is under study, and gave rise to a communication at the European congress of urology.

      Sentinel lymph node technique in the dissection of penile tumors. Ongoing participation in a GETUG study.

      The urology department has been selected to participate in two major international multicenter studies, including an early phase study in bladder cancer.

      Publication in regular international journals.

      Medical information (Information Systems Medicalization Program – PMSI) and assessment are also a concern of the department.

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