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The Bacteriology laboratory analyzes samples taken from hospitalized patients or consultants at the CHU Caen Normandie, looking for pathogenic bacteria .

The Bacteriology laboratory analyzes samples taken from hospitalized patients or consultants at the CHU Caen Normandie, looking for pathogenic bacteria .

  • Composition of service

    • 2 university professors hospital practitioners
    • 1 university lecturer · hospital practitioner
    • 3 hospital practitioners
    • 1 university hospital assistant
    • 1 health executive
    • 1 senior health manager

    Department of Infectious Agents

    Team detail
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    Diagnostic activities

    Microbiology sector brings together diagnostic activities in Bacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology on the Côte de Nacre site. It is organized into 7 sub-sectors:

    • Syndromic PCR
    • Bacterial culture
    • Identification and antibiogram
    • Mycobacteria (P3 laboratory)
    • Bacterial, fungal and parasitic serologies
    • Molecular biology
    • Genomic epidemiology
    Bacteriological diagnosis and therapeutic advice
    • Realization of bacteriological analyses: direct examinations, cultures, identifications by mass spectrometry of the MALDI-TOF type, antigenic, serological and molecular methods ( PCR , bacterial "pan")
    • Conventional and rapid diagnosis (by molecular biology) of tuberculosis; diagnosis of atypical mycobacterial infections, antibiograms of mycobacteria
    • determination of antibiotic susceptibility (antibiogram) , including the reference method by micro-dilution in liquid medium (Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations) (VIZION System)
    • role of alert and therapeutic advice in the event of diagnosis of severe infections (bacteremia, endocarditis, etc.) .
    Prevention of infectious risk:
    Hospital missions
    • Diagnosis of bacterial infections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (permanence of care) ,
    • Performing antibiotic sensitivity tests: antibiogram in diffusion disc and liquid medium, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)
    • First-line therapeutic advice (antibiotics, including antifungals and antiparasitics)
    • Participation in the Anti-Infectious Commission (CAI) for the correct prescription of antibiotics, antifungals and antiparasitics
    • Involvement in the prevention and fight against healthcare-associated infections by detection, identification and molecular typing of multi-resistant (BMR) and highly resistant (BHRe) bacteria in collaboration with the Infection Prevention and Control department

    prevention and fight against nosocomial infections: identification and typing of multi-resistant bacteria in collaboration with the Infection Prevention and Control .

    Regional role

    Areas of expertise


    • Diagnosis and antibiotic therapy of bone and joint infections, infections on intracardiac material and infective endocarditis, infections in subjects with cystic fibrosis, infections by tuberculous and atypical mycobacteria
    • Antibiotic resistance (phenotypic and molecular diagnosis)
    • Molecular analysis

    Microbiological control of health products

    • Microbiological control of health products (grafts, breast milk, biotherapy) .
    • Medico-judicial unit requisitioned for the analysis of samples in a legal context.
  • Centers & platforms

  • Teaching and research

    The research

    Due to its expertise and its research on pathogens and infectious diseases, the Research Group on Microbial Adaptation ( GRAM INSERM certification with the creation of the Joint Research Unit UMR 1311 DYNAMICURE for Microbial Dynamics associated with Urinary and Respiratory Infections.
    The UMR , created on January 1 , 2022, is restructured by integrating fundamental bacteriologists from the University of Caen Normandy (UCN), and staff from Labéo (animal health research center), while focusing its scientific orientations on urinary and respiratory infections.

    It brings together teachers – researchers from the laboratories of:

    • Virology (Pr A. VABRET, CHU Caen Normandy, Pr JC PLANTIER, CHU Rouen Normandy)
    • Bacteriology (Pr M. PESTEL-CARON, Rouen Normandy University Hospital, Pr O. JOIN LAMBERT, Caen Normandy University Hospital) ,

    services of :

    and the Department for Clinical Research and Innovation (Pr JJ PARIENTI, CHU Caen Normandie) .

    The main lines of research of the Microbiology laboratory are:

    • the study of the virulence and mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics of multiresistant bacteria responsible for epidemics and nosocomial infections,
    • the molecular pathophysiology and management of complicated skin infections (including Verneuil's disease or hidradenitis suppurativa) , with the opportunistic pathogen Staphylococcus lugdunensis

    To answer these questions, the department is currently developing a high-throughput sequencing (NGS) approach in close collaboration with the Virology and Hospital Hygiene .


    The practitioners of the service participate in the theoretical training of students from the Faculty of Medicine (UE Infectious Agents) and the Faculty of Pharmacy, interns from the DES in Medical Biology, students in Maieutics, operating room nurses, students in BTS, in Sciences (bachelors, masters, doctorates, university degrees, etc.) .

    Practical training in the laboratory

    Through its University Hospital activities, the service is approved for the practical training of interns enrolled in DES in Medical Biology

    It is also involved in the training of technical personnel, interns outside the sector, trainees in BTS, licenses, masters, and various health professionals as part of continuing education.

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Medical biology laboratory

Medical biology laboratory

The directory of medical biology analyzes of the CHU Caen Normandie is available here.

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