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Caen Normandy University Hospital partner of the Caen book fair

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Sunday May 26

Caen Normandy University Hospital partner of the Caen book fair

Époque, Caen book festival and fair , offers debates on the major challenges of our society every year in May, between fiction and non-fiction authors, workshops and shows for audiences of all ages.

Since 2013, Caen Normandie University Hospital has been a partner of the show and offers its patients workshops or meetings with authors.

Creative workshops

This year again, the organizers of the show offered a rich program for several services: Crisis and Hospitalization Unit for Adolescents (UCHA) , medical pediatrics and RPA – La Charité .

5 art-plastic workshops with Léonore Deschamps (visual artist) and Emmanuel Guibert (designer)

Theme: “transmission, starting from the works of Emmanuel Guibert “La Guerre d’Alan” and “In good company” with its series of portraits of friendships. From one of these portraits of friendship, question the transmission that each person could have experienced through the creation of a portrait, written or painted, drawn, pasted, imaged..."


Sunday May 26 afternoon, enjoy a stroll at the CPIE Vallée de l'Orne (Museum of initiation to nature) to relax and listen to a reading by Alexandre Gauthier.

A poetic and colorful text written by the author Isabelle Rimasson and the residents of La Charité as part of the Intergenerational Health Culture project – Sound mapping of an ideal garden.

This reading will be set to music by Marion Motte.

Nature initiation museum – CPIE Vallée de l’Orne

Sunday May 26
2:30 p.m.
Communication department of Caen Normandy University Hospital
CHU Caen Normandy

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