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Caen Normandy University Hospital is committed to men’s health
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Caen Normandy University Hospital is committed to men’s health

During the month of November, the urology , nuclear medicine and theranostics and physical medicine and rehabilitation of Caen Normandy University Hospital are joining the international Movember movement to raise awareness of men's health, with a particular emphasis on cancers. of the prostate, the leading cause of cancer in men.

Prostate cancer in France: an alarming reality

Prostate cancer is a major health problem in France, affecting 1 in 10 men. It is the leading cause of cancer in men. However, it is often painless and progresses slowly, which makes its early detection crucial to avoid pain and unfortunately death linked to prostate metastases.

Early detection of these cancers can be carried out by a GP or a urologist. It must be offered from the age of 50.

At Caen Normandy University Hospital, the medical team in the urology department led by Professor Xavier Tillou recommends active surveillance as an essential preventive approach. This strategy makes it possible to closely monitor the evolution of prostate cancers, particularly when they are not aggressive. If non-aggressive prostate cancer is detected, active surveillance is preferred over surgical interventions or radiotherapy.

oncology teams at Caen Normandy University Hospital also play an active role in the training and teaching of future health professionals at the Health Training and Research Center , thus contributing to the improvement of medical care in the Normandy region.

Testimony of Xavier Tillou and Thibault Waeckel

Physical activity adapted to return to a normal life

At Caen Normandy University Hospital, Adapted Physical Activity ( APA ) is integrated into the treatment of urological cancers, particularly the prostate.

APA reduces the recidivism rate, improves quality of life, reduces anxiety and reduces the risk of depression . This multidisciplinary approach, led by the Maison Sport Santé at Caen Normandie University Hospital , offers essential support for patients, contributing to their well-being throughout their medical journey.

The Maison Sport Santé team at Caen Normandy University Hospital is mobilizing for Movember!

Local partnerships in action for men's health

Commitment to men's health has never been stronger in the Caen region, thanks to the mobilization of local partners around the Movember event. This year, several local actors united to support this essential cause by participating in innovative initiatives and raising funds for the Caen Normandie Health Foundation of the Caen Normandie University Hospital.

Among the local partners determined to make a difference, the SDIS14 firefighters are committed to growing their mustaches throughout the month of Movember. The barracks of Western Normandy will participate in this effort, thus raising awareness among the population of the importance of men's health.

In addition, on November 14, in collaboration with the Caen Basket Club , a solidarity basketball match will be organized for the benefit of the Caen Normandie Santé Foundation of the Caen Normandie University Hospital. This exciting initiative will raise awareness of the cause among sports fans while raising funds to support men's health research.

Another notable action is the organization, on November 19, of a match by the Stade Caennais Rugby Club to increase awareness of the cause of men's health and raise valuable funds for research.

These active local partnerships illustrate the importance of community mobilization to address men's health issues. Caen Normandie University Hospital welcomes the commitment of the SDIS14 firefighters, Stade Caennais Rugby Club and Caen Basket Calvados for their continued support. Together, we can make a real difference in raising awareness and caring for men's health.

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