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The Beauregard festival was at CHU Caen Normandie!
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The Beauregard festival was at CHU Caen Normandie!

Since 2016, the Beauregard Festival has been invited to the University Hospital of Caen Normandy before the festival. On this occasion, various activities are offered each year around multiple musical practices. Our patients, caregivers and students have, for four days, the pleasure and leisure of rubbing shoulders with the actors and partners of this event.

Head and hands digital workshop

With patients from UCHA and pediatric services.

Educational tour of the Beauregard Festival site

With patients, students and caregivers of the CHU.

Circus workshop of the Artistochats association

With UCHA patients

Animations by the Javotte Brigade with the magic of Éric Fouchet and the musical tales of Aurélia Buquet

In pediatric wards

Musical intervention by Musique en Plaine with the group “Strange Rabbit”

In pediatric wards

Thanks to everyone involved!

This partnership between the CHU Caen Normandie and the Beauregard Festival is a key moment in the cultural programming of the establishment and marks its anchoring in the cultural space of the Caen conurbation.


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