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Free kidney disease screening
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Thursday March 14

Free kidney disease screening

On the occasion of National Kidney Week, the nephrology-dialysis-kidney transplantation of Caen Normandy University Hospital, in partnership with France Rein , is organizing a screening day.

How does the screening take place?

The screening is free and anonymous , it will consist of looking for protein and/or blood in the urine using a strip.

Allow between 15 minutes and 30 minutes on site depending on attendance.

Steps :

  • Meeting with a volunteer from the France Rein association
  • Collects urine ( collection and toilets on site)
  • Blood pressure measurement and test analysis by a doctor or nurse
  • Advice, prescription or referral to a doctor if necessary

The University Center for Renal Diseases

The University Center for Renal Diseases , located on the Caen Normandy University Hospital site, is organized into the Caen Territory Nephrological Team.

This operates on the sites of Flers, Bayeux, Argentan and Hérouville Saint-Clair ( ANIDER ).

All treatments are offered to the patient within their course (acute kidney disease, monitoring of chronic kidney disease, dialysis in all its forms, extracorporeal therapy and transplant). Replacement treatment for kidney disease is chosen with the patient according to the principle of shared decision.

The intervention of nurses, dieticians and psychologists in the care pathway makes it possible to optimize patient care.

Research focused on patient well-being

nephrology-dialysis-kidney transplantation department studies the integration of treatments into the patient pathway, the optimization of transition phases between treatments and the impact of social inequalities in health in order to optimize the care of affected patients by kidney diseases.

Let's protect our kidneys, it's vital!

  • 1 in 8 French people are affected by kidney disease
  • more than 11,000 people each year learn that they suffer from chronic end-stage renal failure requiring replacement treatment (dialysis or transplant)

Today in France 6 million people have diseased kidneys and are unaware of it.

What are our kidneys for?

We have two kidneys, located on each side of the spine, at the height of the last ribs. The kidneys eliminate waste with urine, they maintain the quantity of water in our body constant and balance mineral salts (potassium, phosphorus, sodium).

How to take care of your kidneys?

  • Having a balanced diet helps avoid being overweight. Obesity is a factor that promotes kidney disease;
  • Fight against a sedentary lifestyle through physical activity adapted to your age;
  • Drink the quantity of water adapted to your needs (at least 1.5 liters per day) spread over the day, in order to facilitate the work of your kidneys;
  • Do not eat too salty because excess salt promotes hypertension. Beware of over-consumption of ready-made store-bought meals;
  • Stop smoking.
  • Keep your vaccinations up to date

To protect yourself, get tested!


Open to all without appointment

Thursday March 14
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Communication department of Caen Normandy University Hospital
CHU Caen Normandy

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