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Animations around writing and drawing for patients of CHU Caen Normandie
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EPOQUE Festival

Animations around writing and drawing for patients of CHU Caen Normandie

Époque, Caen book festival and fair , offers debates on the major challenges of our society every year in May, between fiction and non-fiction authors, workshops and shows for audiences of all ages.

Since 2013, the CHU Caen Normandie has been a partner of the book fair and offers its patients workshops or meetings with authors.

This year, the organizers of the show have offered a rich program for several departments: Crisis and Hospitalization Unit for Adolescents (UCHA), medical and surgical pediatrics as well as adult psychiatry.

The UCHA teenagers were able to take part in a picnic in the Jardin des Plantes followed by a stroll with Simon Hureau. This walk, shared with the residents of the RPA · La Charité , allowed patients to practice drawing while associating a naturalist and historical dimension with the author from Caen.

The children in pediatrics, for their part, listened to Esmé Planchon tell them a story, followed by a drawing workshop.

Times of escape, creation and fun involving several generations which allow, through a playful approach, to invent, to escape, to tell and tell!

A big thank you to all the speakers as well as to the town hall of Caen.


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