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Opening of the new dentistry building
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Monday October 23, 2023

Opening of the new dentistry building

Monday October 23, the new dentistry building welcomed its first patients.

The dentistry service fulfills three missions: a care mission with the diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic management of oral diseases, a training mission for future dental surgeons and a related research and innovation mission. with the other centers of the establishment.

Located at parking lot P3, along avenue du Pr André Morice, its 1000m² currently accommodates 4 oral surgery chairs and 17 dentistry consultation chairs. The practical work rooms of the faculty of dentistry will complete the building, their move to the second floor is planned for December. Finally, new chairs will be installed on the ground floor at the beginning of 2024, bringing the number of treatment rooms to 40.

The building was designed as a welcoming, modern and warm place for patients and professionals. The unit receives “historical” patients or those referred by the CHU services. Dental emergencies are not accommodated there but some patients can be treated in the event of major emergencies (trauma or falls for example) .

Focus on student training

year students from Rennes since 2013. The unit thus receives 10 externs per year, who have the opportunity to improve their skills with the care of 6 to 8 patients per day and support from supervising hospital practitioners or private practitioners on vacation.

In September 2024, the service will welcome around thirty 4th year externs, which will significantly increase the number of patients.

Thus, the working conditions offered by this new building and the links with the university's new odontology department will make it possible to train more dentists within 4 years.

Monday October 23, 2023
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