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Normandy Sport against cancer
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Normandy Sport against cancer

Supported by the OncoNormandie Regional Cancer Network and initiated by the CHU Caen Normandie in 2016 in association with the Calvados Committee of the League against cancer, "Normandy Sporte against cancer" is an event to promote physical activity adapted to therapeutic purposes for people with cancer.

The positive impacts of physical activity are involved in the 3 levels of cancer prevention allowing to:

  • limit the appearance of the disease (primary prevention),
  • fight against the undesirable effects of the disease and its treatments (secondary prevention),
  • limit the risk of recurrence (tertiary prevention).

The aim is therefore to make the public aware of the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and to inform about the benefits of physical activity in preventing cancer.

Practicing appropriate physical activity on a regular basis is essential. According to studies carried out on certain types of cancer, adapted physical activity in cancer patients reduces fatigue (30%), improves quality of life, or even reduces the risk of recurrence (up to 40%).

A big thank you to the partners and funders of physical activity adapted to the Caen Normandy University Hospital: Onco Normandy Regional Cancerology Network (partner), ARS Normandie, departmental committee of the league against cancer 14, Cadet Roussel association (funders)

Back in pictures – Normandie Sporte against cancer

Adapted physical activity at CHU Caen Normandie

The CHU Caen Normandie has been mobilizing since 2008 to promote adapted physical activity. One of the concretizations of this approach is the opening of the physical activity rooms in June 2018.

All the events, information (general public or specialized) organized at the CHU as well as the opening of the rooms have allowed the recognition in 2021 of Maison Sport Santé of the CHU Caen Normandie.

Dr. Antoine Desvergée of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Department of Caen Normandy University Hospital has created a Research Group in Adapted Physical Activity and Health, GRAPAS . It brings together specialists from the medical world (geriatricians, nutritionists, addictologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, vascular medicine doctors, rheumatologists, algologists, sports doctors, etc.), STAPS academics (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities), structures such as OncoNormandie and institutional partners such as the Regional Olympic Committee of Normandy or the Center Sportif Normand. Together, they make APA rooms a tool for research and clinical studies.

Maisons Sport-Santé, a new label for the physical activity room of the CHU Caen Normandie

Following a call for projects from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health launched in 2020, the adapted physical activity room of the CHU Caen Normandie was labeled "Maisons Sport-Santé" in 2021.

The Maisons Sport-Santé emerged as part of the National Sport and Health Strategy 2019-2024 (SNSS). They aim in particular to promote health and well-being through physical and sporting activity and to develop and use physical activity adapted for therapeutic purposes.

They bring together health and sports professionals and are aimed in particular at people in good health who wish to (re)take up physical and sports activity with specific support, as well as at people suffering from chronic diseases. or long-term condition requiring, on medical prescription, appropriate physical activity, safe and supervised by trained professionals.

573 Maisons Sport-Santé are now recognized throughout the country.

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