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Innovative treatments against prostate cancer
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Innovative treatments against prostate cancer

The Caen Normandie University Hospital is committed to offering its patients privileged access to cutting-edge technologies for comprehensive and efficient treatment of prostate cancer.

A regional pillar of excellence in men's health

The urology department has innovative technologies, including targeted imaging which allows very precise biopsies. This approach makes it possible to effectively detect potentially aggressive cancers. In addition, thanks to joint funding from the Normandy Region and the Caen Normandie Santé Foundation of the Caen Normandie University Hospital, the technical platform of the urology department is equipped with a DAVINCI surgical robot and a KOELIS ultrasound machine, allowing mini surgical interventions. -high precision invasive.

With an annual number of more than 1,500 men treated, the Caen Normandy University Hospital actively covers western Normandy by working closely with peripheral hospitals to ensure access to quality care. In partnership with the Maurice Tubiana center , the Caen Normandy University Hospital teams direct patients, if necessary, to radiotherapy sessions.

At the same time, the establishment's doctors are actively involved in medical research, which results in the implementation of cutting-edge protocols. These research protocols provide patients with access to the latest advances in imaging technologies and new medical approaches, with the aim of improving both the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in nuclear medicine.

A revolutionary new treatment for metastatic prostate cancer

At Caen Normandy University Hospital, the nuclear medicine and theranostics department is revolutionizing the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer. Thanks to a special molecule, it is now possible to detect and target prostate cancer metastases with unprecedented precision, down to the cellular level. This medical advance is a true revolution, because it makes it possible to minimize the side effects often associated with traditional treatments, thus considerably improving the quality of life of patients. In addition, by directly targeting cancer cells, this innovative treatment increases the chances of survival of patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

In 2024, the first patients at Caen Normandy University Hospital will benefit from this promising medical advance, marking a significant step in the fight against this disease.


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