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Complete and varied support
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Pediatric cancers

Complete and varied support

Offering comprehensive and varied care, the pediatric onco-hematology at Caen Normandy University Hospital is a national reference and referral service in the fight against pediatric cancers.

In 2023, it welcomed around forty children from all over former Lower Normandy. In addition, he also participated in the care of 30 children from other departments and regions, as part of interregional care pathways.

With 15 beds (including 4 day hospital beds), the service carried out nearly 2,500 stays in 2023, 80% on an outpatient basis.

The care pathway for children and adolescents treated at the University Hospital is organized with the OncoNormandie pediatric network , in close collaboration with the pediatric services of other establishments in the region and pediatric rehabilitation centers. It involves significant coordination work between the different medical actors (pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, pediatric intensivists, radiologists, radiotherapists, rehabilitation doctors, geneticists, pharmacists, etc.) and paramedical actors (nurses, caregivers, psychologists, social workers, teachers, coordinating nurses, clinical research assistants, etc.), likely to intervene during the course or treatments.

The medical and paramedical team is integrated into the Grand Ouest Childhood Cancer interregional network, aiming to improve clinical research as well as the development of training. Thus, it actively participates in research and the use of innovative therapies and around thirty clinical trials are currently open in the unit. 75% of children treated in the department in 2023 have been included in clinical trial protocols or are participating in clinical research, facilitating this population's access to innovative therapies (targeted therapies). Paramedical research is also developed to improve the quality of patient care.

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