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CHU patients participate in the Chronos literature prize
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CHU patients participate in the Chronos literature prize

The Chronos National Literature Prize , driven by the Age-Friendly City approach of the Mission Bien Aging of the city of Caen , offers juror readers the opportunity to discover works on the theme of relationships between generations, the transmission of knowledge, life course and aging.

The principle

Residents of the RPA – La Charité , patients of the child and adolescent psychiatry department (UCHA) accompanied by the service teacher, as well as those of the University Center for Renal Diseases ( CUMR ) are the juries of this national award!

Two reading categories were offered to them: “High school students, 20 years and over” and “Bubbles” (graphic novel). Registered patients have 4 months to read 4 books. At the end, they will vote for their favorite novel.

In May, the Mission Bien Aging in the city of Caen will centralize the votes to send them back to the national level.

Much more than a literary prize

The Chronos Literature Prize pursues several objectives:

  • Raise awareness among young and old about the life journey, from birth to death, and to the fact that “Growing up is getting old… Getting old is growing up”.
  • Encourage the development of intergenerational relationships.
  • Develop a taste for reading among young people and the discovery of the French language among foreign jurors.
  • Contribute to citizenship education through individual secret ballot voting.
  • Promote the writing, illustration and publishing of works addressing the theme “Growing up-Aging” and links between generations.

See you in June for the results!

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