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Can exercise reshape the heart?
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Can exercise reshape the heart?

Amir Hodzic sports cardiology physician at CHU Caen Normandie and lecturer, presents his research project entitled "Longitudinal evaluation in 3D echocardiography of right ventricular remodeling in response to prolonged resistance training" (FORCE-VD)

Investigators & associate investigators
Hélène Azambourg, Antoine Desvergée , Joffrey Drigny , A. Gauthier, Henri Guermont , Kamal Lahjaily, A. Lefevre, M. Macquart, Pierre Ollitrault , N. Pamart, Emmanuel Reboursière , M. Remily, Éric Saloux

Scientific teams
Hervé Normand , F. Tournoux
DRCI CHU team: Fabien Chaillot , Blandine Lecrux , Jean-Jacques Parienti , Amilia Rocamora, Clémence Tomadesso

CHU Caen Normandie (Call for internal medical research project)
French Society of Cardiology (Sport and Cardiology Grant)

Research: Can exercise reshape the heart?

Communication department of Caen Normandy University Hospital
CHU Caen Normandy

Press contacts

Communication Department
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