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Adapted physical activity as an ally in the management of urological cancers
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Adapted physical activity as an ally in the management of urological cancers

The expertise and personalized support for patients affected by male cancers at Caen Normandy University Hospital are at the heart of a multidisciplinary care approach, aimed at improving the quality of life of patients throughout their medical journey.

Supportive care, including Adapted Physical Activity ( APA ) offered within the Maison Sport Santé CHU Caen Normandie , makes it possible to better tolerate treatments and prevent recurrences.

Physical Activity Adapted for Therapeutic Purposes

The Maison Sport Santé plays an essential role within a global system for caring for patients with cancer. At the University Hospital, it includes the assessment of patients' physical activity, whatever the phase of their treatment.

This approach aims to determine the level of deconditioning and to offer a personalized Physical Activity (Adapted) to the patient's possibilities (taking into account all aspects of their health).

The APA can be carried out in person at the Maison Sport-Santé ( MSS ) of the CHU, by videoconference from the patient's home or near their home, thanks to the network of APA in the region.

The integration of APA , as supportive care for non-drug therapeutic purposes and especially for patients with prostate cancer, has numerous benefits:

  • It plays a crucial role in reducing the recurrence rate, with a significant reduction reaching 50 to 60% (depending on the studies: Duclos in 2009 or Richman et al in 2011 or even Kenfield et al in 2011), regardless of the treatment.
  • It helps reduce fatigue by 23% during treatment and by 37% after treatment, thus improving patients' quality of life.
  • It is a powerful ally for the mental health of patients. It helps reduce anxiety, improves general well-being and reduces the risk of depressive syndrome.

This protocol for patients is widely supported by the Calvados Cancer League.

Regional cooperation exists and is part of the IMAPAC (Initiating Maintaining Adapted Physical Activity with Cancer) set up and supported by OncoNormandie. At the same time, these teams also actively contribute to PARSAC APA sessions after treatment.

The Caen Normandy University Hospital and all the structures involved in the management of cancers, particularly urological, work together to offer non-drug treatment adapted to each patient suffering in particular from male diseases. By combining medical expertise, APA (as well as other supportive care) and an integrated care network, they make Movember an opportunity to raise awareness about the fight against men's cancers and improve the quality of life of patients in the region.

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