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Legal Notice  website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) , we are committed to protecting your personal data.

These legal notices cannot apply to other sites, online or not, nor to other products or services. By accessing the Site, you acknowledge the presence of these legal notices.

This information may be modified at any time by the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Caen Normandie. We therefore advise you to consult them regularly.

CHU Caen Normandy

Legal Notice  website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) , we are committed to protecting your personal data.

These legal notices cannot apply to other sites, online or not, nor to other products or services. By accessing the Site, you acknowledge the presence of these legal notices.

This information may be modified at any time by the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Caen Normandie. We therefore advise you to consult them regularly.

Updated: February 21, 2024

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The site is the property of CHU Caen Normandie ,
whose head office is located at avenue de la Côte de Nacre, CS3001, 14033 Caen Cedex 9.

Publication and editorial director:  Mr. Fréderic Varnier , General Manager of CHU Caen Normandie.

Creation: Communication Department · Caen Normandy University
Hospital Hosting:  Information System Department · Caen Normandie University Hospital.
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Protection of personal data

The information collected on the site is intended for CHU Caen Normandie exclusively.

The CHU Caen Normandie attaches great importance to respect for individual freedoms and must comply with the regulations applicable to the processing of personal data. They are subject to computer processing for the purpose of audience measurement and the protection of users by tracers.

We may collect data about your use of the site, for example the pages you visit, in order to better understand your expectations and improve the functioning of the site.

CHU Caen Normandie complies with the regulations applicable to the processing of personal data and, in particular, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 ( European Data Protection Regulation) as well as the CNIL ordinance of December 12, 2018 and complies with Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy.

You have rights under the GDPR ( ) which you just need to use by contacting: CHU Caen Normandie · Protection of personal data · M. Le Directeur Général, Avenue de la Côte de Nacre, CS3001, 14033 Caen Cedex 9 or by email to .

This is an individual right which can only be exercised by the person concerned  for their data  and, for security reasons, the applicant must prove their identity by any means at their disposal in order to avoid any communication of confidential information about him to another person.  Only the date of the email or letter brought to the attention of the CHU Caen Normandie will define the starting date of the consideration of the request. If you feel you have not received an answer, you can contact the CNIL online  or by mail CNIL – 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07.

Reminder of what personal data is:  identification of a natural person directly or indirectly.

Freedom of consent is a fundamental right.

Property rights

The presentation and content of the site, including, without limitation, the name and logos of CHU Caen Normandie, images, databases, products and slogans, together or separately constitute a work protected by the laws in force. force on intellectual property. No reproduction and/or representation, partial or complete, by any means, on any medium and in any form whatsoever, of these elements may be made without the prior written consent of CHU Caen Normandie. Private copying of site content is also strictly prohibited.

Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights on the documents contained in the site and each of the elements created for this site are the exclusive property of CHU Caen Normandie, which does not grant any license or any right other than that of consulting the site or fill in the forms associated with the user's expectation of a service. The reproduction of all public documents on the site is only authorized for the exclusive purposes of information.

The CHU Caen Normandie reserves the right to claim damages in the event of infringement and more generally of infringement of its intellectual property rights. In accordance with articles L.341-1 and following of the Intellectual Property Code, any extraction by any means and in any form whatsoever will be sanctioned the reuse, by making available to the public, of a substantial part of any information accessible on the site.

Similarly, the repeated and systematic extraction or reuse of qualitatively or quantitatively insubstantial parts of the content of data accessible on the site is prohibited, when these operations manifestly exceed the normal conditions of use.


The information that the site may contain, as well as any software necessarily used in connection with it, is confidential, unless some of it is partially or totally public. The entries of your personal data in the “Make an appointment”, “Pre-admission” and “Pay your bill” forms are secured by the CHU Caen Normandie Information System Department.

Limitation of Liability
The CHU Caen Normandie declines all responsibility:
  • For any interruption of the Site and its services,
  • For any bugs,
  • For any inaccuracies or omissions relating to information available on this site. If this is the case, please inform the CHU Caen Normandie so that it can implement the corrective measures,
  • For any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of the information made available on the site,
  • And more generally for any direct or indirect damage, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequence, including in particular the loss of data or any other loss of intangible property that may occur as a result of anyone accessing the site or the impossibility of accessing it or the credit granted to any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

The CHU Caen Normandie can provide you with hypertext links to other Internet sites, such as the link to the NATIXIS online payment support fund, property of NATIXIS de la Caisse d'Épargne, for the “Fondation Caen Normandy Health”. CHU Caen Normandie does not, however, verify the legality of the content of these sites and cannot be held responsible for the services or information provided on these sites such as advertisements, products, services or any other material available on or from these sites. external sites or sources.

The CHU Caen Normandie cannot be held responsible for any proven or alleged damage or loss resulting from or in connection with the use or the fact of having trusted the content, goods or services available on these sites or external sources.

Ergonomics and features

This site is made with love and patience, and must comply with the latest standards in force.

If, however, you notice a technical malfunction in your browser, you can contact the webmaster Pierre-Jean Parry to help improve the ergonomics of the site

Traffic statistics

This site may be audited by an audience measurement and analysis system. The acceptance of cookies being a prerequisite .

© Copyright

The entire Site is subject to French legislation and as such is protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, in particular by those of its provisions relating to literary and artistic property, copyright and the protection of data base. These rights are the exclusive property of CHU Caen Normandie .

We remind you that the Intellectual Property Code only authorizes, under the terms of article L.122-5 , copies or reproductions strictly reserved for personal . Similarly, article L.342-3 of the Intellectual Property Code only authorizes the extraction or reuse of a non-substantial part of the content made available. Consequently, any unauthorized representation or reproduction of the Site, by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited under penalty of legal action. The offender is liable to civil and criminal penalties and in particular to the penalties provided for in Articles L.335-2 and L.343-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Any use whatsoever of the brand names and logos of this Site including, but not limited to, the trade names held by the partners is prohibited without the authorization of the rights holders. All logos on the Site are protected by copyright. All reproduction rights are reserved, including for downloadable documents.

Data retention period

Each element is recorded on the Site and the logs are kept for a period of 6 (six) rolling months on the web application, then stored for statistical purposes only for a maximum period of 24 months . The Internet user is responsible for requesting and asserting his rights if necessary.

Hypertext links

The CHU Caen Normandie may offer on the Site links to third-party sites as mentioned above, the NATIXIS online payment support fund, property of NATIXIS de la Caisse d'Épargne, for the “Fondation Caen Normandie Santé” fund. . These links are established to public sites where the CHU Caen Normandie has deemed it appropriate to do so, given the content and services of these sites. CHU Caen Normandie cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites and the use that may be made of them by YOU, the Browser.

The existence of a link from the Site to another site does not constitute a recommendation or validation of this site or its content. It is up to you to use this information with discernment and a critical mind. These partner sites are independent of the CHU Caen Normandie Site.

The latter neither publishes nor controls the sources, the contents of these sites or their links with other sites. Links to these sites do not in any way constitute an approval, validation or adherence of the CHU Caen Normandie to the content of these sites with the owners and/or authors, designers, facilitators, managers or hosts of these sites. The CHU Caen Normandie cannot therefore be held responsible, for any reason whatsoever, for the content, products, services, advertising, cookies or any other elements of these sites as well as for any damage or loss, proven or alleged, consecutive or not or in connection with the use of the information, opinions, services or data available on these sites.


If you find information on the Site that is either erroneous or incomplete, or contains content that is potentially defamatory or offensive to human dignity, or in violation of works protected in particular by copyright or trademarks, or any information contrary to the texts in force, we thank you for informing us by any means you deem useful.

Web Browser Statement

By visiting the Site, You acknowledge:

  • Be aware of both the principle and the nature of the operation of the Internet, the characteristics and limits of which you accept, in particular with regard to response times, consultations or transfers,
  • Be aware of the diversity of content accessible on the Internet,
  • To be aware of the fact that the CHU Caen Normandie does not exercise, nor can exercise any control, in any form whatsoever, over the nature or characteristics of the data accessible on the Internet other than its Site and which could pass through links and that consequently, the CHU Caen Normandie cannot assume any responsibility that would result directly or indirectly from this data,
  • Be aware of the fact that the data circulating on the Internet is not protected against possible misappropriation,
  • Be aware of the fact that viruses can be introduced by third parties on the Internet, when visiting redirected sites,
  • Be aware of the existence of a code of ethics developed by the community of Internet Web browsers (the Netiquette) , the violation of which could in particular result in your exclusion from other services available on the Internet with redirected sites (CNIL, ETAT…) , and this without the CHU Caen Normandie being held responsible,
  • That by using this Website, You assume the risks relating to the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or timeliness of the information,
  • That the information making up the Site constitutes a database and images, property of CHU Caen Normandie in its capacity as “owner” within the meaning of article L.341-1 of the Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, you prohibit the extraction by permanent or temporary transfer of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the Site on another medium, by any means and in any form, and the reuse of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the Site whatever its form, including by a hypertext link.

It is up to Caen Normandie University Hospital to take all appropriate measures to ensure the protection of its own Site.

As such, you expressly undertake to respect or ensure compliance with laws, regulations and in particular personality rights, copyrights, the rights of owners of distinctive signs and to be able, at any time, upon simple request written to the Caen Normandie University Hospital, provide proof of the reality of the verifications that you have carried out, if necessary by sampling, and of the efforts that you will have made upon the revelation of an infringement of the rights of third parties to stop this infringement as well as the ethical recommendations which appear in Netiquette.

In this context, You acknowledge having read and irrevocably accepted these Legal Notices.

Access to services

Access to the Services is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of a case of force majeure, due to third parties and/or works and interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the Services.

The CHU Caen Normandie may however be required to interrupt the Services or part of the Services for maintenance reasons.


The CHU Caen Normandie is only bound by an obligation of means and cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for indirect damage, such as commercial damage, loss of customers, loss of order, any commercial disturbance, loss of profit, loss of brand image. Any action directed by a third party against the Web Browser constitutes indirect damage and, therefore, does not give rise to the right to compensation.

In the event of force majeure or events beyond our control, in particular in the event of interruption of the access networks or networks accessible by the Services or failure of the reception equipment or the line of the Web Browser, the responsibility CHU Caen Normandie cannot be held liable for the loss of data due to the Internet user, alteration, modification, interruptions, slowness and inaccessibility of the Internet network or any other problem affecting transmissions on telecommunications networks and disrupting the use of the Site or the Internet not being directly and exclusively attributable to it.

  • You are solely responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, material or immaterial caused by yourself.
  • CHU Caen Normandie disclaims all liability in the event of use of the Services that does not comply with these Legal Notices.
  • The CHU Caen Normandie cannot be held responsible in the event of legal proceedings against you as a result of the use of the Services and any other service accessible via the Internet.
  • The CHU Caen Normandie can in no way be responsible for the content of the websites and the information consulted over which the CHU Caen Normandie has no control, nor for the nature of the data queried and/or transferred, in particular the content of third-party sites. redirected to which links refer you.

In addition, we authorize ourselves to block access to accounts on our Site to any Internet user who is in violation of these Legal Notices. You are advised that the CHU Caen Normandie will provide any information allowing or facilitating the identification of the person who has been guilty of a violation of the law or of an infringement of the rights of the CHU Caen Normandie or of a third party, upon request. issued by an “authorized third party” authority. The non-limiting data is such as the IP address, the hours of connection, if these are still in our possession according to the legal durations.

Web browser code and password

You agree and acknowledge that you are responsible for respecting the confidentiality of the passwords associated with any account, existing or future, that you may have to access any service on this site.

Consequently, you acknowledge that you are solely and solely responsible with regard to CHU Caen Normandie for all acts carried out from your account.

If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password or your account, you must inform the CHU Caen Normandie Information System Department as soon as possible, by any means, as soon as you become aware of it.

Cookie management

The site uses cookies or performance cookies. A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or consulting an advertisement. Their main purpose is to collect information relating to your navigation on the sites and to send you personalized services, as well as to improve the functioning of the Site or even to allow its use to be analysed. On your computer, cookies are managed by your internet browser, which will send information back to the site of origin (for example a session identifier, the choice of a language or a date). Cookies make it possible to keep, for the duration of the validity of the cookie concerned, information when a browser accesses the different pages of a website or when this browser subsequently returns to this website. Only the issuer of a cookie can read or modify the information contained therein.

The different types of connection cookies:  during your navigation on the Site, different types of connection cookies or cookies may be directly registered on your computer.

The purpose of these files differs depending on their type:
  • Strictly necessary cookies: These are cookies that are necessary for the operation of our site. They allow you to use the main features of our site. Without these cookies, you will not be able to use our site normally.
  • Analytical cookies: These are cookies that allow us to know the use and performance of our site, to establish statistics, volumes of visits and use of the various elements of our sites (the most read, the most consulted pages or sections, etc.), in order to improve its operation

Your prior agreement to the use of cookies is mandatory  : Accept or Refuse

A “cookie” records information relating to the navigation of your computer on our Site (the pages you have consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) that we can read during your subsequent visits.
In this context, we warn you that the use of the functionalities of the Site may require the installation of “cookies”. You can choose to disable cookies at any time, systematically on all browsers, or choose which ones you accept depending on the issuer.  You can also configure your browser to accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis prior to their installation. Your browser can be configured to notify you of the cookies that are stored on your computer and you can oppose the registration of “cookies”, in whole or in part, by modifying the configuration options of your browser as follows: www .
However, it is specified that for technical reasons, disabling cookies may limit access to our website, for which we cannot be held responsible.
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Applicable jurisdiction

This legal notice is governed by French law.
In case of dispute on the interpretation, on the execution and the realization of any of the stipulations of the present and in the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, the Courts of Caen will have sole jurisdiction.


Only the French version of these legal notices is valid.
In case of contradiction between the alterations of the translations, the interpretations and the stipulations, only the French language version will prevail.

Questions about these legal notices

If you have any questions regarding this Legal Notice, please contact us.

Changes to the Legal Notices

We occasionally update the legal notices. In this case, we also correct the “last updated” date at the beginning of the legal notices.

In the event of substantial modifications, we will notify you by placing a visible notice on the home page of the site. We encourage you to regularly consult these legal notices in order to stay informed. Continued use of this service constitutes your agreement to these legal notices and its updates.