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Sleep Disorders Exploration and Treatment Unit

The CHU's sleep disorder exploration and treatment unit is a multidisciplinary sleep center accredited by the French Society for Sleep Research and Medicine since 2008, and labeled a mixed center for the management of all child/adult sleep and vigilance pathologies since June 2023.

  • Activities


    Its main mission is the management of sleep disorders in adults and children: consultations, explorations and treatments.

    • specialized consultations (pneumology, neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics, neuropediatrics)
    • explorations: ventilatory polygraphy, polysomnography, vigilance tests, in dedicated hospital rooms with paramedical staff specifically trained in these techniques.
    • treatments: implementation and monitoring of nocturnal ventilation by continuous positive pressure, awakening treatments, treatment of insomnia CBT

    The unit works closely with the departments of neurology , ENT , maxillofacial surgery , pulmonology and paediatrics . It provides referral diagnostics for complex sleep pathologies in Western Normandy, participates in teaching activities (training of medical and paramedical personnel) , communication and research in this field.

    Consultations and sleep examinations are offered only upon written request from a doctor.

    • Insomnia and sleep conditioning disorders
    • Breathing problems during sleep
    • Narcolepsy and other hypersomnias
    • Sleepwalking and other parasomnias
    • restless legs syndrome
    • Disorders of circadian rhythms
    Service equipment
    • 3 chambers dedicated to sleep recordings
    • 3 fixed polysomnographs
    • 1 outpatient polysomnography
    • 3 outpatient polygraphs
    • 1 actimeter