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University Institute of the Spine of Caen

The surgical activity of the vertebral column is structured within the University Institute of the Spine ( IUR ) which was inaugurated in November 2014. Its ambition is to make available all the specialists involved in the pathologies of the spine and to allow a coordinated, multidisciplinary and efficient clinical pathway for patients.

The University Spine Institute has made it possible to unite specialized practitioners from different disciplines around a coordinated management of all back pathologies.

The care sector is in partnership with city doctors, city physiotherapists and rehabilitation centers in the region.

  • Crew

    • 3 University Professors Hospital Practitioners
    • 13 Hospital Practitioners
    • 1 University Lecturer · Hospital Practitioner
    • 1 Attached Practitioner
    • 3 University Clinic Heads Hospital Assistants
    • 2 Internal
    • 1 Senior Health Officer
    • 4 Health Managers
  • Activities

    Multidisciplinary staff

    A monthly multidisciplinary meeting makes it possible to study complex cases.

    The University Institute of the Spine also makes it possible to set up clinical research, set up technological innovations, industrial partnerships, collaborations with other national and international university centers.

    The Enhanced Rehabilitation After Surgery ( ERAS ) is a personalized preparation program for spinal procedures and allows for faster recovery after surgery.

    An outpatient surgery program is also being developed to ensure safe surgery while allowing people to return home the same evening as the operation.

    A generic e-mail address is made available for sending any mail and request for consultation. It is for use by healthcare professionals.

    Pathologies treated
    • Degenerative pathologies: herniated disc, osteoarthritis, spinal canal stenosis, myelopathies.
    • Children's static disorders
    • Adult static disorders: spondylolisthesis, scoliosis.
    • Multi-operated spine
    • Spine and spinal cord injuries
    • Osteoporotic settlements
    • Inflammatory diseases
    • Tumor pathologies of the spine and spinal cord
    • Biopsychosocial aspect of chronic low back pain
    • Neck pain and its complications
    Our care missions
    • allow the patient rapid access to specialists in spinal pathologies,
    • coordinate care between the specialists called upon within the Institute,
    • offer a full range of care from the simplest pathology to the most complex cases,
    • maintain a permanent link with the general practitioner for the management of long-lasting and complex pictures.
    Our teaching missions
    • train medical and paramedical health personnel in spine pathologies and their therapeutic management through workshops, Tuesday evenings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the University Hospital, in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department .
    Our research missions
    • make available and evaluate the most relevant therapeutic innovations.