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Tobacco Coordinating Unit

The smoking co-ordination unit is a transversal hospital structure. It offers consultations to help people quit smoking, open to all, and liaison consultations for hospitalized patients.

  • Treatments consultations


    Personalized support from health professionals trained in smoking cessation, combined if necessary with treatments, increases the chances of a long-term life without smoking.

    Many people would like to quit smoking but don't feel ready. Professionals are trained in the technique of motivational interviewing which can help you see more clearly and find your own motivation.

    Tabacology consultations are directly accessible.

    It is not necessary to go through your doctor. If you want him to be informed of your procedure, a report will be sent to him, as well as to your other medical correspondents.


    Following the telephone appointment, a questionnaire will then be sent to you by post or email. At home, quietly, you take the time to complete this file. It will allow us to know you better.

    During your first interview, which lasts about an hour, you will give this questionnaire to the tobacco specialist. This first consultation allows us to take stock with you, which will focus on your addiction, but also on your motivation.

    At the end of the interview, you will agree with the tobacco specialist on one or more objectives, and the means to be used to achieve them. This objective can be a cessation of smoking, but also a gradual reduction in consumption, a change in smoking habits.

    Follow up

    The appointments are agreed between you and the tobacco specialist. They can be closer or further apart depending on your needs.

    If the care requires it, the tobacco specialist can call on the skills of the dietician and/or the psychologist of the unit.


    On prescription, most nicotine replacement treatments are reimbursed by health insurance.
    The treatments used by the unit's professionals are those validated by the HAS .

    Useful documents


    Tabacology consultations in Lower Normandy
    • Other assignments

      • Initial training of health students (medicine, pharmacy, IDE , midwife, etc.) and continuing education for health professionals (Coordination of the tobacco module in the DU of addictology at the University of Caen, etc.)
      • Intra-hospital training: weaning support and prescription of nicotine replacement therapy in hospital
      • Participation in research and production of publications in the field of prevention and therapeutic management of smokers.

      The UCT has signed an agreement with the association Vape du Coeur

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