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Parkinson Expert Center

The Parkinson expert center provides care for patients with Parkinson's disease and other parkinsonian syndromes, thanks to a team made up of a nurse coordinator, several neurologists, a psychologist specializing in neuro-psychology, a a speech therapist, a clinical research associate, and in conjunction with other stakeholders (pharmacist, re-educators, physiotherapists, nutritionists, dietician, liberals, etc.) . This care is provided through consultations, including botulinum toxin injection consultations, or during hospitalizations. The other missions of the CEP are:

  1. to provide expertise on more complex cases (second opinion consultation and regional diagnostic meeting) in order to discuss the indication and implementation of second-line treatments;
  2. to offer therapeutic education;
  3. to participate in the continuing education of professionals in the region;
  4. to be in contact with patient associations
  5. to participate in clinical research. The CEP works in a network with the 25 other CEPs in France thanks to the national meetings of the CEPs , and thanks to the NS'Park network for clinical research.