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Management and Steering Department

The Management and Steering Department manages the human, budgetary, material and IT resources of the Research and Innovation Department, in liaison with the functional departments. It also provides administrative support for research projects.

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    The management and steering department manages the human, budgetary, material and IT resources of the DRI , in liaison with the functional departments. It designs and implements the DRI , draws up financial forecasts for projects in conjunction with the DRI and coordinates the programming of resources. It provides support for the DRI in logistical, administrative and financial matters and participates with the functional departments in the fluidification of the purchasing and human resources management policy.

    The management and steering department produces activity reports and provides steering tools, coordinates the Quality and Certification missions of the DRI and provides a privileged and functional link between the structures of the DRI and the functional departments of the CHU.

    The administrative unit ensures the administrative management of the projects. External promotions agreements contact: – Invoicing contact:



    The department produces and coordinates all ministerial and supervisory activity reports (MERRI surveys under PIRAMIG, MESRI survey, CURIE network, HCERES, GIRCI, CTD annual report, internal monitoring indicators, quality indicators ) , it pilots study and program management software (EASYDORE). Annually, an average of 10 annual surveys are completed.

    It produces recurring, annual or monthly indicators, with two main objectives, to evaluate and to communicate.
    From an administrative point of view, there is an annual average of 750 letters processed, 520 invoices, 210 Orders.
    The department, together with the Human Resources Department, manages around 25 fixed-term contract renewals annually on research projects and a human resources forecast of 78 FTEs in 2020. In conjunction with the Finance Department, it manages €3.2 million of loads monitored on nearly 200 functional units.

    A shared quality specialist completes this structure for support in the quality approach and ISO9001 and NFS-96-900 certification.

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