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Genomic platform

The platform brings together technical activities in cyto-genetics and molecular genetics around the same automaton or chain of automata (nucleic acid extractors, thermocyclers including real-time, PCR , sequencers, etc.) and/or around a same technological approach (molecular biology, genomics, cytogenetics, etc.) and their rapprochement allows the pooling of human and technical resources. The genomics platform thus brings together the technical activities of the departments of genetics , pathological anatomy and cytology , biological hematology , the federative structure of cyto-molecular oncogenetics , the molecular genetic platform for cancers , biochemistry , pharmacology , HLA and all sectors requiring these approaches.

The objective is to benefit from groups of technicians who are specialized and experienced in their analysis methods, to bring together/unify training and to optimize occupation times on positions in order to consider new developments and innovations in all fields of medical biology.

The Genomics Platform is organized into two sub-sectors: molecular genetics and cytogenetics .

  • Crew

    Quality team

  • Activities

    CIP (Interdepartmental Steering Committee)
    • Platform coordinators: Guénaëlle Levallet, Nicolas Richard, François Gravey
    • Platform health manager: Sandrine Renard, alternate: Maxime Delahaye
    • Platform engineer: Nadia Coudray
    • Bioinformatics engineer: Bryce Leterrier
    • Laboratory manager: Simon Le Hello
    • Senior manager of the Biology-Hygiene division: Florence Agourd
    • Heads of departments (or their representative) of the disciplines using the genomics platform.
    • Biologists using the genomics platform
    • Technical staff representatives: Brice Coulleray (Oncogenetics), Maryse Artu (Constitutional Genetics), Nathalie Millerioux (Cytogenetics)
    • Representative of the biomedical department: Catalina Vialle
    • Information system management representative: Irvin Madec
    • Quality assurance manager: Vincent Mathieu
    Main missions of the CIP
    • Validate the coordinators proposed by the Laboratory manager, elected for 5 years renewable
    • Decide how the platform will operate
    • Validate the choice of hardware and software under the CHU Caen Normandie Equipment Commission
    • Evaluate the feasibility and validate the development and production of new analyzes
    Large equipment
    • Nucleic acid extractors (Maxwell RSC 48, Promega; Maxwell RSC , Promega; Quickgene)
    • Pipetting robot EP MOTION (5073 L, Eppendorf)
    • Park of 16 conventional thermal cyclers, 3 real-time (LightCycler 480, Roche; 7500 Fast, Applied Biosystems) and 3 Idylla drawers (Biocartis)
    • Droplet Digital PCR (QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System, Biorad)
    • Labchip (GX Touch HT, Perkinelmer)
    • 2 Library Preparers (ZEPHYR NGS IQ, Perkinelmer; STAR NGS, Hamilton)
    • Sanger sequencer (3500 Genetic Analyzer, Applied Biosystems)
    • 3 High Throughput Sequencers (Nextseq550, Illumina; S5 Prime + Ion Chef Instrument, Thermo Fisher and a Miseq, Illumina more dedicated to research activities)
    • Scanners (CGH: SureScan G2600D, Agilent; FISH: DM5500 B/DM6 B/DMR, Leica; Pathscan, Excilone)
    • Cell sorter (AutoMACS Pro Separator, Miltenyi Biotec)
    • Num device (XN-L-450, sysmex)